NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 1-5-20:Ed

NFL Update:

A worthy opponent is moving on … and it ‘aint everybody’s fashionable pick, the Saints. What went wrong? It was a recurring theme we’ve seen play out more and more these days when Brees faces an athletic, large defensive line that crowds his vision, pressures him into mistakes and dares him to step up into the pocket … an alternative he seems completely unwilling to embrace. Today, he completed more passes than counterpart Kurt, and for notably less yards. The short stuff just wasn’t getting it done, and the team actually functioned better with the more versatile fill-in Hill chiming in for an occasional big play.
As for the Vikes, most of us got this seriously wrong, and if their formidable defensive and offensive rushing games show up next week in Frisco, there’s no reason they can’t pull another shocker with Captain Cousins. #Vikings #Saints

Seattle proved it wasn’t about to clown around and let the Eagles violate all rules of decent society by graduating out of the NFC East dead pool and into the playoffs’ second round. Once Wentz went down at the hands Clowney, so too did Philly’s hopes for a goal line crossing; not much chance of this with an aged QB of McCown’s non-existent renown. #Seahawks #Eagles
Get a recap of the Seattle Seahawks vs. Philadelphia Eagles football game.


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