20/20 Vision

Screenshot_2019-02-15-21-07-03_1 (1)On this week’s episode of the Relationship Status Podcast, The crew talked to Alana Timmons also known as “Majicia”. She is a palm reader, medium and some would say a clairvoyant. She was on to give us a reading for the signs for 2020. This had me think to look more into the signs and their meanings… It also had me pose the question, “does our sign define who we are as people.

Upon the thought of this question, I started to research other articles on the topic, and I came across one called “Science in our World: Certainty and Controversy”  a website blog on Penn State University’s website. In this article, a student posed the question “do our zodiac signs affect our personalities?” He stated that to answer the question we had to fist understand astrology and how it works with the zodiac. He explains:

“There are approximately 88 constellations, but the sun only passes through 12 constellations. The sun forms a circle once a year, called Ecliptic, and the Ecliptic is made up of 12 portions that are equal to 30 degrees each. These 12 portions are split up into different time periods, which correspond to our birthdays. Therefore, our birthdays are used to determine which zodiac sign we belong to.”

So how does this connect to us as people? Well as I understand it, our signs somehow are connected to our traits. I kind of believe that it does affect us in some way. I do think that there is some truth to what people believe. What do you think? Take a listen to this weeks episode and decide for yourself.

If you are interested in booking Alana Timmons, visit her website: http://majicia.com/


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