College Football Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 12-30-19:

College Football Update:

— Cal makes light of the take-flight Illini’s ill-equipped defense in the riotous Redbox Bowl. Lots of completions, yards and mostly panicked natives running after Bears … who never had to actually run downhill. #Bears #FightingIllini
— Since when is this game played two days before the dawn of the New Year? Since the BCS mess turned the bowl hierarchy on its head. Oh how the mighty have fallen; missing much of its cache … as well as attending fans this contest bore little resemblance to the major bowl event that used to pit the Big 8 winner against one of the sultans of the South. What are we left with now … it’s weak sister Virginia attempting to uphold the honor or the wimpy ACC. Congratulations to the improving Gators, who run away from UVA in what should’ve been called the Cuties Bowl.
— Who would’ve thunk getting Munsoned would be such a wonderful thing from the Hilltoppers’ point of view. Get out your clappers, because Western Kentucky just tucked away the First Responder tropher. #Hilltoppers #Broncos


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