On the “Time to come clean with Week 17” CDST Show:

On the “Time to come clean with Week 17” CDST Show:
— LSU puts the ouch on OU’s flimsy defense in the Peach Bowl
— Frank’s not taking a shine to his Magic Cone Ice Scraper from China … . looks like he should’ve gone to Ace Hardware … and then he laments he won’t be staying in the familiar Idaho’s Winter Wonderland Shining House
— too bad we always judge a man by the size of his scraper (hey Tank, next time try using a maxed out credit card)
— get everything your heart desires at “Click, Click, Ship” (including a full selection of mail order brides and blow up dolls)
— Raw Doggin at Rutt’s Hutt … check it out on You Tube … this will make your stomach growl for their home run dogs in a bun (Rippers, Wellers and Cremators boiled in oil and with a seductive snap)
— Don’t cry for the Buckeyes … they still have the most impressive marching band (how about that LEM landing on the moon or doing dinosaurs)
— considering the pro prospects for Dobbins, the Herculean hobbit (will he be the next Ray Rice)
— Heisman winners should continue to go very high in the draft
— Poor Notre Dame … shamed and banished to the Camping World Bowl
— Considering whether Colin’s Kunta Kinte shirts are a bit too much for an NFL tryout.
— Eric ponders how far $2000 can get you in Vietnam
— Memories of the Ryan Leaf-like Joey Herrington .. no we’re not talking about Joey Heatherton
— Another day of the Dolphins at Gillette … what is likely to happen (none of us saw it coming) (NE gets poised by some very Dolphin-unsafe tuna)
— AJ McCarron … not much to bank on if you’re hoping for some Texan resistance to the fighting Titans (but can his girlfriend be in the stands to watch) (remember the fuss caused by Musberger)
— Going through coaches currently on the proverbial hot seat
— Why no accounts with burner accounts should be banned from Twitter
— Ron Rivera to the G-men? Could happen.
— The big debate about whether Big Ben needs to lose a lot of weight
— The Marc-o-pedia view on why the No. 1 defense usually wins Super Bowls
— Famous last words of a coward: “You’re 90 seconds away from a beating”
— What the Selective Service directive may look like if Liz Warren wins (all white males please report … Frank “Bound for Glory” Fleming tells us in a song)
— According to Caruso, the Patriots will get payback in the AFC Championship (payback for Pollard’s transgression on the Polish tight end)
— Looks like the spread in Texans-Titans was too tight (good call Frank)
— ChabDog leaves his trust in Cleveland against the Bengals (bad move)
— RG III didn’t come out firing bullets, but he was good enough to put the Stillers outta their misery
— How to get your picks wrong (we provide a virtual tutorial)



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