NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 12-29-19:

— They’re definitely sick in New England after Gesicki’s TD reception means Billy’s GOAT and the rest of his highly regarded troops ended up with a very smelly fish fry gone wrong; more late game magic from Miami’s get-pounded machine amd the Pats can’t stand pat at No. 2 and instead get dumped into the No. 3 seed slot. And just wait until they see how tough Tennessee can be…. big mistake looking past Miami. #Dolphins #Patriots

— Seattle loses at home, again and for most likely one last time, in somewhat spectacular style. Niner speed and power was just too much for Wilson and Co. to overcome, along with an unpardonable penalty near the SF goal line, which likely cost the hosts the winning score. Now they’ll have to travel to San Fran come playoff time if they hope to settle the score. #Niners #Seahawks
— It was full Ramming speed ahead, once last time in the Coliseum, as Goff helped his team show off and made the Cardinal resistance scatter. #Cardinals #Rams
— Raider haters rejoice, particularly in Denver, as Bronco bravado rises to the occasion to deny Oakland victory for what appears to be the last time. #Raiders #Broncos
— Eagles shrug off more injuries and do what they need to do by doubling up the hopelessly hapless Giants. #Eagles #Giants
— Finally, TDs are no longer few and far between for Minshew and the Jags, who run rings around the Horseshoes. #Colts #Jaguars
— Titans regain their major mojo with a 3-TD road victory over the lounging Texans. Tannehill continues to capably steer Vrabel’s ship, with super stud Henry supplying most of the horsepower. And these guys are clearly tough and athletic enough to go into New England next week and keep this good thing going. #Titans #Texans
— Despite a decided destruction of DC’s Redskins, Dallas remains in the doldrums, and Jerry’s still mum on whether Jason will be jettisoned from Lone Star territory. The melodrama of this stayed execution is wearing thing, so someone please tell Mr. Jones all appeals have definitely been exhausted. #Redskins #Cowboys
— Steelers’ season ends in wet, miserable fashion as the Ravens pin them to the M&T Bank Stadium welcome mat with a seemingly unending flurry of toxic body blows. Without their big guy at QB and some other valuable offensive weaponry, PIttsburgh’s stout defense just couldn’t pick up the slack … there were just too many holes to fill. Management now has an off-season to figure out what changes need to be made, because simply bringing back a healthy Roethlisberger is not the complete answer. #Steelers #Ravens
— Plucky Falcons catch the Bucs in the 4th quarter, pass them in OT, and finally, catch them in the standings. #Falcons #Buccaneers
— Backpedaling Vikes liking life, despite another half-hearted loss that leaves them with little momentum going in to their first round trip to the Big Easy. Yes, they will be healthy in body … but what about in mind. #Bears #Vikings
— GB plays with the Lions like a semi-bored cat pawing a dead mouse, and like clockwork they clinch a 1st round bye when reliable Crosby puts one over the cross bar … and between the uprights. Ho hum. #Packers #Lions
— It took awhile, but the Chiefs finally choke off the last gasp of the wheezing Chargers with what else … a rather matter-of-fact pick of a Rivers’ side-winding floater. And like it or not, Andy may well be set up for another confrontation with his habitual nemesis from the Northeast. #Chargers #Chiefs
— Not much drama in Orchard Park, as the Bills were just killing time, and the Jets were only too willing to play along. After all is said and done, 7-9 and a more confident young Darnold are a welcome sight for the improving Jets. #Jets #Bills
— Both Ohio NFL teams leave the field with losing records, but it’s the 14 loss squad that may be in a better frame of mind for next year. No more Andy Dalton, and dreams of Joe Burrow in Cincy, while Cleveland has to deal with yet another campaign of bitter disappointment, lost opportunities and uncertainty in terms of the all-important leadership quotient — Baker has turned into quite an interception maker, and Kitchens has been permanently banished from the premises. #Browns #Bengals
— Saints disembowel the pansy Panthers with tons of religious fervor, but are relegated to No. 3 when Frisco refuses to yield on the 1 inch line. Despite the bad break, a strong case can be made for NO as the real heavyweight contender in the NFC. #Saints #Panthers


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