Rating their chances of getting in this Sunday:

— Pittsburgh Steelers … a snowball’s chance in hell (first we need former San Diego to man up at Arrowhead pretty early in the morning, which isn’t happening, and then we need a wobbly back-up or a back-up of a back-up to step up against a pretty good defense, and then we need Houston to win a game it really doesn’t need to win … looks like 10% (almost skim milk)

— Oakland Raiders … that this team of penalty inciting screw ups can even dream of qualifying for extra time is really a crime against humanity/a complete abomination of any meritocracy conceived by the human race … that being said, Oakland has a mildly plausible scenario for being unjustly enriched … name beating the often benign Broncos, with TN and Pitt shooting themselves in the foot against superior opponents on the road … the problem is the Raiders are habitual underachievers and will probably lose anyway, and this is compounded by the fact that Tenn used to have a pretty tenacious defense, which could spell big trouble for Watson’s backup … seems to be about 15% tops

— Tennessee Titans … given what has been noted above, it would be a surprise of Titanic proportions if they don’t make it through … maybe the biggest reason they’ll go on to the post-season is that if all three of these teams lose, they win … and of course they should win anyway because Houston almost certainly won’t benefit from showing up in the first place … 75% (hey this actually adds up)



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