On the “Sweet Week 16” CDST show (Part 2):

Julian shows us how to do a real play action/play acting face plant on the football field…

On the “Sweet Week 16” CDST show (Part 2):
— Please be forewarned, this part of the show is rated “RR”, for Relatively Raunchy
— Going back in time with Baxter (this is a lot more entertaining than your typically stuffy TED conference) (a somewhat cranky Cronkite doing comedy) (an epidemic of legal proportions) (see if you can read this … “you’re fried” … “Ted, I’m gonna kill you”) (the news, is not the place for prayers)
— And for some really dark humor, we watch the Steelers get their butts kicked by Ficken and the feckless Jets)
— Maahk tells us some great barroom jokes about getting shitfaced… and they don’t involve gerbils (“there’s no blanket big enough to cover me”) …
— Sometimes nobody’s fool can capably represent himself in cajoling a court dismissal … and this one was certainly with prejudice
— Exactly how big is Big Ben’s beard? Not as big as his massive mug.
— We provide a very abridged history of the genius of Genesis, courtesy American Psycho (“I think invisible touch is the group’s undisputed masterpiece … Kristy, take off the robe … You can practically hear every nuance of every instrument … Sabrina, why don’t you uh, dance a little … take the lyrics to Land of Confusion …in this song, Phil Collins addresses the problem of abusive political authority… Kristy, get down on your knees … I also think Phil Collins works best within the confines of the group than as a solo artist, and I stress the word, artist)
— Henry Hill teaches us how to multitask … all with helicopters tracking your every movement (done to a sound track you won’t soon forget, Stones, “I’m a Monkeyyyyy Mannnnn”, George Harrison, “What I feel, I can’t say… What is my life, I can’t say”) (then I had to get the cooking date, and get Lois ready for her trip) (don’t let the sauce stick … keep stirring it) (and what did she do after she hangs up with me, she picks up the phone calls right from the house)
— Speaking of the Patriots, “Winners are winners”
— Who said, “We didn’t show Baltimore nothing”
— And how about Krafty Productions and that very observant film crew
— None of us saw Seattle getting cold-cocked by the Cardinals, but credit Well-read with sizing up a totally obnoxious spread
— God knows why our esteemed host forgot about the Kirk Cousins MNF jinx (it was pure boredom with Green Bay)
— An almost live report as Edelman comes back from his play action/play acting Ju Ju psuedo concussion (no he wasn’t really hurt… just catching his breath) to knife in for a 2-pt conversion that really stuck it to the counterfeit Bills
— Caruso tells us exactly what Stevie Belichick does …it appears he is the “safeties” coach … or is it “secondaries” … and as a condiment he works closely with Jerod Mayonnaise
— How disappointing, … no hot Brady rumors
— Falcons smoke a ‘J” … as in Jacksonville
— Do not listen to Cabbie’s summary of the home field advantage race in the AFC (he’s completely off-base)
— The conversation takes a wild and woolly turn for the worse
— A side of Ronald Reagan you never really knew (“Okay, get back in here … let’s get down to business.. the C5As will leave for South America at 12 O’clock … I am the President, only I need to understand.. the red countries are the countries we sell arms to, the yellow countries are where we wash our money…well Lisa, maybe I can use you up on Capital Hill … back to work!”)
— Speaking of sharp, how about that Mike Tomlin … throwing Mason “My feet are set in stone” back into the fire
— Celtics ring the Taco Fall bell, just to watching a guy dunk without jumping, and sizing up their competition in the East
— What’s with all the broken bones; Gordon Heyward should drink more milk
— Be advised that when your last name ends in an “O” it can be harder to get the benefit of the doubt
— A final reminder to run for the hills … when everyone picks the Redskins
— We fade out with trip down the river Styx, with “Renegade”; too bad the Stillers weren’t listening

Could they be falling for Fall in Boston …


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