On the “Sweet Week 16” CDST show (Part 1):

Texans were overjoyed to have a J-date with J-miss Winston

On the “Sweet Week 16” CDST show (Part 1):

— Tank rolls in to give us a sobering assessment of Giants/Jets stadium (if you’re hungry, don’t be in any rush to get to the facility in East Rutherford … better to hang out at the tailgate)
— Now Citi Field that’s a different story (how about the mouth watering pastrami sammiches, the designer Japanese joint, and the rest of the food court?)
— Frank does his best Biden impression, getting noticeably tongue tied over the kicken by Ficken, before revealing his strong inkling that Gang Green will sink the Black ‘N Gold, and then predicting that the Patriots will be vulnerable in the AFC East in 5 or 6 years.
— the Burrfect choice for Vontez: playoff win vs. head hunting on Antonio Brown
— Will Brady ever ride off into the sunset? Nah!!!!!
— Belichick’s retort when confronted with Bengal spying … “Well, you know, that’s how I do it?”
— Those poor Devils who play in The Garden State and who’ve been lost due to incompetence in the Third Period since freaking Columbus Day; hey hey PK, you’re living large with Lindsay, but lately stinking on ice (2 steps up, then more than a few down)Time to pile on the Islander ferry boat (3rd best in the Wales)

— Comparing the always sick Knicks with the stabilized Nets
— Was Porcello a poor choice for the Mets?
— Memories of Big Bad Ben Mcadoolittle
— All about Tommy Boy auditioning for Chariots of Fire as he strains to attain the goal line (too bad the fat lineman didn’t go for the gratuitous head fake and body slammed him to the ground instead)
— Inside scoop on Edelman …. he’s playing with virtually a broken everything (reaching Patrice Bergeron levels) (a Jewish Willis Reed)
— How a court failed when it tried to play the dangerous game, “Pin the klonopin on the Caruso”
— ChabDog just can’t get excited about the NFC (not even thrilling)
— Since when does Boise State forget to show up at a bowl game … even if it happens to be the useless Nevada Bowl
— Somebody needs to make Florida Atlantic atone for subjecting us to the Boca Raton Bowl
— Liberty plays in the Religious Cure Bowl
— And how can they have two bowl games in both Orlando and New Orleans?
— Frisco’s “Fat in the Can” Bowl… where they play more than soccer; yes, the Dallas Stars shine there (yes, yours truly was speaking the truth)
— Texans were overjoyed to have a J-date with J-miss Winston
— Trying to get a grasp of the top tier status of Garoppolo
— Temporary trash strike in Philly, as the Eagles soar against the ‘Boys (only one of our panelists smelled this out)
— Why didn’t I realize the Chargers have completely lost their connection with local LA fans, as well as with winning (even against the Raiders)
— Our very special Xmas promo (how to ask for presents you really want … and we’re not talking Peanuts)
— Yes, ATL will crack Jax over their knees in support of dear departed coach Dan
— A total consensus against slight favorite TN
— Caruso can’t resist the Skins (what was he smoking?)
— PIttsburgh’s missing a middle linebacker, but their defense is still great (that’s not the problem)
— Are the Dolphins still tanking for Tua? Even so, it’s with Miami we go (sorry Cincy)
— Someone please tell Frank’s neighbor Ralph that the Colts have quit (except for today’s game against careless Carolina)


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