NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 12-22-19:

Seahawks lay a huge egg at home after a scary run in with Chandler, the QB handler.

NFL Update:

— Seahawks lay a huge egg at home after a scary run in with Chandler, the QB handler. Needless to say, Seattle did not look ready for battle and seemed to be looked ahead to the fracas with San Francisco. #Cardinals #Seahawks
— Desperate Bears flail their way to a rather pitiful prime time home failure against the utlra talented Chieftains, who relied on their superior speed, strength, coaching and of course their highly accurate Mahomes-ing pitching. #Chiefs #Bears
— When it comes to scoring, a chronically clogged up offense put the Steelers’ playoff hopes in a very TENous situation; can we please get off this number once and for all? The only good news is that with regard to next week, Baltimore will almost certainly be putting action Jackson in traction (but unless the Chargers surprise the world, Houston will have a similar lack of motivation to tangle aggressively with tough TN at home. #Steelers #Jets
— Error prone, erratic Raiders put one of their more competent efforts together and put away the lame duck LA Chargers. With hallucinations of a helluva lot of help, they’ve lately been seen parading around with preposterous pretensions of the playoffs. #Raiders #Chargers
Favored sons of the Lone Star start poorly and never recover; now they’ll go into the final week praying for the Giants, while the Eagle can take pride in a job well done. #Cowboys #Eagles
— Denver still has something to say and 2019, and against deferential Detroit they let Lindsay do the talking. #Lions #Broncos
— After today’s productive explosion, Shurmur probably has a murmur that he has something good to work with for next year; that’s all well and good, but there’s probably a little voice whispering in his ear … “You were playing the Redskins”. #Giants #Redskins
— Saints recover from a rough 1st period to beat back the desperate Titans. This win provides important confirmation about the Big Easy a bona fide contender for hosting the NFC Title game; NO has more overall balance, not to mention more firepower, than any other team in its conference. #Saints #Titans
— Miami was reading the Bengals their last rites, before Andy the Red reduced at 16-pt lead to nothing with an incredible, last ditch scoring pitch and 2 pt conversion. Of course, it was all for naught when the Fins finished the terrible tigers off in OT. #Bengals #Dolphins
— When it came to defending returns, Carolina looked like it could care less, and was a step behind Indy’s Hines all day. #Panthers #Colts
— Baltimore beats up on the blase Browns, who had mostly little to nothing going on. Looks like the heat’s building up on Kitchens, who’ll appears to be dead man walking for next year. But the real culprit may be a lack of coordination on offense, and no excuses for so little done with some decent to good weapons, including Mayfield, Chubb and Landry. #Ravens #Browns
— Falcons’ less than fantastic season hits a welcome crest as they pick apart the purely passive Jags, who’ve been in nature preserve mode for nearly the whole season. #Jaguars #Falcons


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