NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 12-21-19:

NFL Update:

— Niners shine when they have to and slam the playoff door rudely on the Rams, who played well enough to win, but blinked at critical moments. SF can revel in another close shave victory, but they’ve got to be alarmed about problems in their secondary (where was Richard Sherman tonight?) and a QB who takes way too many sacks. Jimmy Garoppolo can’t find a target right away, so he scrambles and finds a hole with George Kittle open in the end zone in the middle of the fourth quarter. #FortyNiners #Rams
— This game was a microcosm of the entire season for the frustrated Bucs, as they outgained their opponents by a healthy margin, but fall short on the scoreboard due to mistakes and turnovers. The chief offensive offender was J-miss Winston, who was off target to the tune of four very costly interceptions, including getting burned by Fairbairn on a rude awakening pick six to start the game. #Buccaneers #Texans
— Patriots grind out a tough TD victory over the offensively challenged Bills, and like death, taxes and divorce, NE lays claim to the AFC East title. Yes, Buffalo has a great group of defenders, but Josh Allen has some of the worst mechanics you’ll in any pro pocket. #Patriots #Bills


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