NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 12-15-19:

Minnesota rips the rudderless, homeless Chargers, who continue to disregard the commonly held views regarding home field advantage… and another river of turnovers for Rivers

NFL Update:

— Minnesota rips the rudderless, homeless Chargers, who continue to disregard the commonly held views regarding home field advantage. –Another river of turnovers for Rivers, whose team got their butts thoroughly kicked, … although Phil did get his usual bucket of meaningless yards. #Vikings #Chargers
— Steelers stall at home against a savage Buffalo defense, looking mostly confused on offense. After Tomlin abandoned the run (wasn’t James Conner getting about 5 yards a carry), it was tee off time for the Bills’ line, and in the end, cherry picking time for their corners and safeties. Better come up with some other kind of plan, guys, because this isn’t a recipe for success against the good guys. #Bills #Steelers
— Fearless Falcons remind the world that Frisco’s footballers are simply not “all that” with a road victory that came out of, well, left field. The only clear truth this year in the NFC is that any team that finds its way into the playoffs has a decent shot at making the Super Bowl; this is no time to play favorites, because there are none. #Falcons #FortyNiners
— Dallas regroups and runs roughshod over the sacrificial Rams. LAR has no obvious field general, and is beating badly beat on both sides of the line. Time to declare no mas in La La Land as regards both pigskin participants. #Rams #Cowboys
— Irresponsible as always, the Raiders leave their loyal fans in the lurch at the Black Hole church, frittering away a seemingly insurmountable 10-point league in the last five minutes. This fits the team’s personality profile perfectly — since the last Super Bowl win in the early 80’s, but seems a pity when you consider all the great athletes that donned the Silver and Black and laced up their cleats at the It’s particularly hard to take given who beat them … a team that had by all appearances been left for dead. If only Carr had slid a little sooner, stayed in bounds … and kept that clock running. If only they had not dropped the ensuing 3rd down pass, and gotten the clinching first down. Just lose, baby! #Jaguars #Raiders
— Skins put a spirited home defense, but ultimately relent with the Eagles going to their tried and true formula of Wentz to Ertz. So much for Redskin resistance. #Eagles #Redskins
Texans finally buckle down on the road against the previously surging Titans, successfully slugging it out n the trenches en route to a critical divisional win. TN’s offense just wasn’t up to the task, and they now have a major hole to crawl out of if they hope to move on to the second season. #Texans #Titans
— The battle of the basement takes an interesting turn, as the G-ment give ground to Miami’s Mermaids with a unusually sterling performance at home; Manning looks to be getting his mojo back, and there was a Saquon sighting. #Dolphins #Giants
— Chiefs stomp the Broncos, with a dominant performance of the type regularly on display last year; Denver pays a dear price for its inexperienced QB and a defense that could never seem to keep up with with Mahomes and friends. #Chiefs #Broncos
— So much for the Bears’ inspired run for extended playing time, as they get roughed up at Lambeau by the division leaders. They may not be flashy, but GB is a very gaudy 11-3. #Bears #Packers
— Bucs lay the lethargic Lions to waste, with Jameis having enough time in the pocket to eat quite a few crab legs. Seriously, the team has really responded to Coach Arians, who deserves lots of credit turning this shagging franchise around. #Buccaneers #Lions
— Seattle holds on with its usual mix of Wilsonian excellence and a persistent, efficient running game. Stink Panthers wait too long to get their act together, and fall short with a somewhat valiant late game comeback. #Seahawks #Panthers
— After a false positive first quarter, things quickly revert back to normal for the hapless Bengals, who are victimized by interceptions and the normal slate of miscues. Patriots land back in familiar territory … the playoffs. #Patriots #Bengals


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