On the “Bribery Tutorial” edition of CDST (Part 2):

Tom Brady’s magic pajamas make him the greatest player “evah”


On the “Bribery Tutorial” edition of CDST (Part 2):
— Full speed ahead with Robin Williams in the DMZ
— A juicy roasting rant from our favorite ebony Aunt … Esther
(If only Uncle Milty could steal hubcaps like he can steal jokes … he’d be a star in her neighborhood) (Foster, if Count Dracula ever bit your neck he’d get a Bloody Mary) (Janet Leigh …I saw you in that movie “Sicko” … you taught me one thing … never shave your legs in the shower)
— Who said, “The Chefs are going down faster than the Titanic” and “The Bills are gonna win”.
— Has Andy Reid really slimmed down? Better check your binoculars.
— Everything you ever didn’t want to know about double hernia surgeries … and more … a proponent of this says it really meshed him up (in a good way)
— Why you should be wary of wearing weight belts
— Joan Rivers gets lots of attention from Gilbert, after an intro from Kathy Griffen (Swamp Thing) (a story about Brad Garrett in a heated encounter with a leprechaun)
— How Rob Schneider ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time
— There’s no Home Improvement for Josh Allen
— Holding back on Garoppolo can definitely get you thrown off the show
— Tom Brady’s magic pajamas make him the greatest player “evah”
— Taking NE to cover has become hazardous to your health
— And in the lock of the day, ChabDog insisted Caruso go with the Steelers giving 2.5 to the sick Cardinals (somebody will have a job when they finally arrive in CA)
— You were seeing clearly if you took Tennessee as the slight favorite in Chokeland
— We were all in shock as the Rams squashed the Hawks
— Ryan Fitz .. 7-time Bengal poacher
— Yes, giving Eli and the G-men 8.5 in Philly was indeed a gift from god
— By George, it’s time to get down, dirty and unruly with Mr. Sulu
— Saying so long with a little T&A



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