On the “Bribery Tutorial” edition of CDST (Part 1):

Hey, if Duncan can play goalie in the GEICO commercial, Tank can certainly play catcher for the Mets …

On the “Bribery Tutorial” edition of CDST (Part 1):
— Well-read recounts his latest episode of “I dream of Tank”; wow, he’s now blocking the plate for the obscenes from Queens (hey, if Duncan can play goalie in the GEICO commercial, he can play catcher)
— Needed somebody to help us out re Fouts (w/regard to the HoF, yes, thankfully he’s in)
— Delving into the genesis of those Saturday Night nightmares
— OU vs. Baylor …. nice but not thrilling … and that Big 12 Sooner defense is not built for the BCS
— Clemson’s on a collision course with the Burrowing Machine (hey, Joe, watch out for Dabo)
— Speculating about the OSU halftime pep talk (was Eddie George or his photogenic mom involved?)
— A special song from Sir MIxalot with plenty of ifs, ands and butts … for my good friend Chuck (yes, the genre of men that this speaks to is still out there)
— Eric reiterates the importance of always keeping things in proportion
— Jalen Hurts returns to the spotlight with his fellow conquerors from Norman, and this is a good thing
— USC … must be bound for the Holiday Bowl… to play Penn St. (Eric our Bowlmaster take pains to so ordaines)
— A rather rude political interlude involving the supposed chiding of Biden by an 83 year old Wilfed Brimley impersonator (“You’re a damn liar, man, … that’s why I’m not sendentary, … and you want to check my shape on, let’s do push ups together …get your words straight, Jack, …look fat, here’s the deal…”)
— Nepotism in politics … it comes with the territory, but common sense dictates certain limits
— Never Trumper Nancy and the mantra of never hating
— Sidney Bernstein CPA gets upbraided for his unpaid tickets, but actually they belong to his wife (Cuff me? Is there something I have in this office … that could make you kind of forget you’re holding those pink tickets … ouch let go of my arm, $200 … there’s one, there’s two, they’re real crisp)
— Don’t make light of Lamar’s limp-wristed throwing style; it’s highly effective, especially when tossed to Chariots of Fire music (but ChabDog contends Maahk is off case with suggestions that the Baltimore QB plays for the pink team … sounds like there’s some projection going on)
— We break the bad news to Caruso that a Boston pro sports team finally lost at home (sorry Bruins)
— Unfortunately, there’s no breaking ground on some unfounded dirt to be unearthed re Malcolm Butler’s suspension for Super Bowl 52,,,, we’ll have to get the Sports e-cyclopedia to look into this … or maybe breakout the roofies laced with sodium pentothal
— Calling out Stevie Belichick for not really calling the plays for his daddy’s team
— Feeling sorry (not) for a flu-ridden bunch of pansies who were too sick to run their two-minute offense in Houston lol
— Looks like nobody does beat Majomes two times in three years
— Musical mates can indeed be toxic between teammates
— And what about Bob Kraft’s synagogue membership (has it been revoked?)
— Pedro for Carl Pavano — or is it Spackler?– along with Brian Rose (yeah that’s a good deal)
— One of us is being an unabashed shill for the Bills (bad move)
— Speculating about exactly who booked passage to Jeffrey Epstein’s island
— Backing into the Skins getting the points against Green Bay would have been a very gutless … and wise move
— Denver jackets have no business being on the body of any sport fan … when accompanied by a Patriots hat
— Yours truly correctly identifies Denver getting 9.5 as a lock over Houston in an obvious trap game
— No way for NO against Jimmy G. … if only we had seen the light
— Thank you Cincy for the incredible half point bad bat against the spread
— Yes, we were very smart to be scared throwing in our lots with Carolina (sorry Maahk)
— Messy Marvin Lewis to Washington … yes, you heard it here
— Way to go Detroit (falling to Minnesota by only 13)
— Miami continues to be trustworthy now that there’s no tanking for Tua
— Pushing our luck trying to pick TB vs. Indy

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