Memoirs Of A Lucky Guy: Shift Change

Memoirs Of A Lucky Guy: Shift
During my time of living like a small version of a sexual
supernova, I picked up a part-time gig at a hotel to help
me make some extra coins on some of the various overnight
stays. Little did I know that this arrangement would bring
about one of the most unforeseen nights of passion that I
have had in a very long time.

This tale begins with a day-shift personnel change that
would become the catalyst which set the sexually charged
wheels in motion. The hotel hired 2 new girls to work the
front desk under the supervision of London – late-twenties,
who stood about 5’4 and thick as a milkshake from Cookout.
She had all natural hair that gave her this exotic type of
look. She had a lighter-toned brown skin that shimmered as
if she oiled herself up every hour to maintain said
shimmer. She wore reading glasses that hung off of the end
of her nose which added a hint of nerdy mystic to her. She
was very modest, but down to earth at the same time.
London introduced me to the 2 new girls, Savannah and
Larissa. Savannah was a short curvy chocolate cutie. She
could not have been any older than twenty. She was quiet
and mousy with the girl-next-door vibe. Larissa was in
every bit of her mid-twenties. The kind of mid-twenties
that’s bubbling with sexual energy. The kind of
mid-twenties where she is still yearning to discover her
sexual limits, or if their are any limits at all.
Weeks go
The work relationship between me and my co-workers grew. I
find that life is a lot like high school at times, minus
the bills and other stress of adulthood. Although while at
work, the humdrum everyday monotony can drive any one into
boredom. In that boredom, just like in high school, when
people of the opposite sex hang around one another, it
won’t be long before either sexual tension flares up or the
two start disliking one another. In most cases for me…
Well I’m a lucky guy, so you do the math.
On a Wednesday night right before my shift was ending, the
bartender named Ebony walked over to the front desk and got
caught up in the aroma of my new cologne. She was so
enamored by its soft and alluring smell with a hint of
spice that it seemed to enchant her. She looked me in my
eyes standing almost shoulder to shoulder with me. Ebony
was all of 5’11 on a good day. She had this bronze tone to
her that seemed to glow. If you didn’t know any better,
you’d swear She was from the Caribbean or somewhere like
it. She had a great big juicy ass. She was a few years
older than me as I was just entering my thirties. Ebony was
like the sexy Auntie that
everyone wants to smash if they ever got the chance. She
had a nice B-cup that you didn’t mind due to the thighs,
hips, and cheek ratio you could see from the front when she
was walking towards you. And a nice pretty face that you
could get lost in. I stood there at the front desk, waiting
for her to say something. She started to shake her head,
“no” and walked into the back office where London,
Savannah, and Larissa where hanging out.
Then I heard Ebony say, “London, you better get ya
boy before I eat him up like a snack!”
All the ladies burst out laughing as London replied,
Ebony shouted, “The only nigga standing at the front desk!
Y’all didn’t smell how scrumptious he is right now?”
Mind you, I had just came back in from a smoke break and
I always freshen up before I get around anyone.
The Ladies all walk out of the back office and surround me,
sniffing at me like a pack of wolves. I have to admit the
shit was making me feel pretty good. One by one they all
took in my scent and began to swoon over me. At that moment
I was so glad the homie West Coast Jay left the bottle
behind accidentally. I meant to give it to him days ago,
but I was most certainly happy that I didn’t right then.
After a few more sniffs and cat- calls, London reached in
the desk behind me and grabbed a set of keys. She checked
the time then looks at me and smirks. She then looks at
Larissa and says, “Do you wanna ask him or should I?” I
replied, “Ask me what?” London then turned and walked down
the hall near the desk. I heard a door open as the keys
jingled at the lock. Then Larissa motioned at me to “come
here,” and she walked down the hall where London went. I
looked around and followed. Savannah started to giggle as
she walked behind me down the hall. Ebony walked back over
to the bar and yelled out, “Let me lock the doors and put
my sign up.”
I walked into a conference room and found London on her
knees spinning slowly with her body facing the back of the
chair. Larissa walks in and sits down in one of the chairs
that surrounds the conference room table. Savannah
followed and closed the door behind me. Silence fills the
air for a moment. Larissa was smiling as she looked up at
me while Savannah leaned on the door to the room as if she
was blocking it from intruders. London stops spinning and
says, “Sooo we were talking and your name came up
earlier… And we were kinda…” Larissa interrupts
slightly louder than London asking, “Can we see your
dick?” Savannah giggled like a shy school girl at the
question, but I could tell that she was awaiting my
response. I scanned the room and answered, “Oh is that
all?” Then I proceeded to undo my belt buckle. They all
revealed devilish grins with slight shock. I watched as
their collective gaze worked down to my crotch and I
slowly pulled my pants zipper down. I pulled out my cell
phone and started playing music softly. I figured if they
were this into it, I might as well give them a good show.
They all started to egg me on as if they were in a strip
club throwing singles. The sound of encouraging cheers fed
my ego which led to my dick rising to the occasion
I let my pants drop lightly and it popped out like a
jack-in- the-box. London started to slowly nod her head,
“yes.” I leaned forward slightly, pushing it all the way
out when Larissa said, “Damn nigga, that shit is big.” Then
without hesitating, she leaned forward grabbing it and
shoving all of it in her mouth. I let out a grunt as she
took it all in. London’s mouth dropped open as did
Savannah’s. London raised an eyebrow as she gazed upon
Larissa sucking the soul out of me. She had a bull ring
nose piercing that dangled back and forth on my shaft and
she bobbed back and forth without a single gag. Then Ebony
started knocking on the door saying “let me in bitches.” I
didn’t flinch and neither did Larissa. I nodded to Savannah
to open the door and she moved slightly and let Ebony in.
Ebony saw Larissa working me over and said, “Damn this
bitch doing the damn thing.” London replied, “ain’t she
though?!” Ebony walked in and leaned against the wall
watching me get a damn good BJ.
I motioned for London to come closer. I wanted to grab her
fat juicy ass as Larissa sucked me. Instead, she leaned
forward on the office chair forcing it to lean toward me
then started kissing and trying to suck the small window of
dick Larissa would reveal while she sucking me like a porn
star. London and Larissa began to kiss each other in a
lip-locked duel for the tip. Larissa took a break and let
London suck it. She gagged a bit and Larissa pushed her
face into it causing her to choke on it. Larissa felt bad
for a moment and said, “Sorry,” London told her it’s OK
because she liked that shit. At that moment I could see
both Savannah and Ebony trying to figure out what to do
with their hands as they watched things transpire. I pulled
it back and out of London’s mouth and spun the chair
around. I slapped London’s fat ass and it waved back and
forth as she moaned. I pulled her pants down revealing to
the room her perfect ample cheeks. I rubbed her pussy
gently and could feel her soaked panties. I tried to rub my
dick against her, but Larissa started to suck it again. I
slid London’s underwear to the side and pulled my dick out
of Larissa’s mouth and stabbed London’s pussy. I could
barely get just past the tip in her. She let out a moan and
Ebony immediately covered her mouth.
She stood there watching me thrust my way deeper as she
helped to stifle London’s moans. Larissa started to play
with London’s fat cheeks as I started to work my way into a
rhythm. I hit her gently so as not to cause the classic
identifiable doggy style plopping sound in order to avoid
being discovered by an unwanted guest. We all totally
abandoned the hotel duties, but it was late and I was
getting off work. Besides, it’s usually a ghost town at
this hour on most days. Ebony locked the doors so if anyone
showed up they would either wait or leave. I continued to
fuck London and she got wetter with every stroke. I picked
up the pace and fed it to her slit ruthlessly. She let out
a squirt that started to form a puddle in the leather
office chair. I didn’t stop as she mumbled yes over and
over through Ebony’s hand still covering her mouth. I
ripped it out of her and shoved it directly into Larissa’s
mouth still dripping from London. Larissa didn’t miss a
beat. I backed up and gave London room to stand up. She had
to catch her balance as Ebony helped her stand straight up.
They giggled and after a short while, London said that she
was gonna go check on things and she’d be right back. She
gathered herself as best she could and walked out of the
room. I sat down in a nearby chair as Larissa got back into
her stride of sucking my soul from me.
Savannah then took off her work shirt and got down on her
knees on the chair London was just on, then poked her slim
thick ass out in the air. I leaned forward and helped her
pull her pants down and she had the smoothest chocolate
colored skin I had seen in a while. It was firm and smooth
to the touch. I rubbed on her pussy and revealed another
pair of wet panties. I knew that she wanted to get the
London experience so I obliged. I pulled out of Larissa’s
mouth the same way I did to get to London. I pushed into
Savannah like a hot knife hitting butter. She was able to
control her moaning much better than London did. She took
every inch like a champ. I started to pick up the pace of
my strokes and Savannah let out soft moans while
simultaneously trying to hold them back with heavy
breathing. She reached back and spread her cheeks open
allowing me to penetrate deeper inside of her.
Larissa stood up from the chair She had been sitting in and
started unbuttoning her work shirt. She pulled the leggings
that she was wearing down just past the bottom cusp of her
butt cheeks, then laid down on her back on the conference
room table with her legs straight up in the air. She was
laying directly to the side of me and Savannah. The door
opened and London walked back in. She noticed Larissa
awaiting me to enter her. London walked over and found her
way in between Larissa and I and started to suck and slurp
on her moist pussy. I then told Ebony to show me her big
round ass. She didn’t hesitate as she turned around and
peeled off her tight work pants that seemed to be painted
on. It was as big and pretty as I imagined. I pulled out of
Savannah and waddled over to her and inserted my shaft deep
into her. Ebony exhaled with deep heavy breaths as she took
it in. She was leaning on a countertop that ran the length
of the conference room. I started to thrust into her on
beat with the rhythm of the music that played from my cell
phone. London was shaking her head like a pitbull back and
forth as she pleasured Larissa.
I pulled it out of Ebony and waddled with my pants around
my ankles back over to Savannah and she leaned over in the
office chair as London did and started to suck Ebony’s
juices off of me until every erect inch was spotless. It
took sheer willpower to not explode in her mouth. Larissa
said that she wanted me to fuck her. She chanted it over
and over. I wasted no time in granting her request. Larissa
rested her legs together across my chest and shoulder. I
drove down into her and her pussy started to squirt and
gush as I plowed into her. I pulled both of her breasts out
of her black lace bra and played with her nipples as I
fucked her. I stroked her fast and hard as Savannah and
Ebony watched the show. London got on to the conference
table and straddled Larissa as she started to shake her ass
in my face taunting me. I pulled it out of Larissa and told
them both that I was about to cum. London got down from on
top of Larissa, then Larissa sat up fast and dove down onto
my shaft as I shot every bit of life into her gaping
throat. Talk about perfect timing! Larissa didn’t flinch at
all, instead she took the opportunity to shove her head
forward taking my dick balls-deep in her mouth while her
tongue started licking my balls at the same time. I pumped
my fluids out for the longest climax I had experienced in a
London took my dick out of Larissa’s mouth and slapped it
on both of her 36 D-cupped breasts as the last remnants of
my climax splattered across her cleavage with a small speck
hitting the bottom of her chin. The ladies all giggled. I
could see Larissa swallowing the remnannts of me as she ran
her tongue across her teeth and cheeks. She leaned over and
licked the speck that hit London’s chin. I pulled my pants
up and stood over all of the women that I just ravaged with
their asses out and clothing hanging half on their bodies.
I couldn’t help but hold a wide grin of satisfaction and
pride over my face. After I adjusted my clothing back to
somewhat normal, I left the room and walked down the hall
of the hotel across an empty lobby to the restroom. Once I
got in, I washed my hands and splashed some water in my
face as I looked myself over in the mirror. I processed
what just happened at a rapid pace. For a moment I really
couldn’t believe how quickly that whole situation
escalated. Part of me wanted to go back into the conference
room for round 2, but my early-thirties responsible side
prevailed. I realized that I had a moment of extreme luck
to have gotten a chance to be with all four of them like I
just had. It seemed as though nothing detrimental had taken
place during our absence from our front desk duties. So it
was probably best to leave well-enough alone.
I exited the restroom and saw all four of the ladies
standing around the front desk gossiping about their
experience like school girls. London was complimenting
Larissa’s oral skills and Larissa told them how shocked she
was when London pleasured her. She told them that she
enjoyed the first time girl-on-girl experience quite a bit.
Ebony revelaed that she hadn’t had sex in a while and she
was kind of dissapointed that our encounter together didn’t
last longer. She said like a kid, “I wanna squirt too!”
Savannah stated that she had never done that before and
that she was proud of herself for staying quiet as it
happened. I walked up to the Ladies and just lingered
around not really knowing what to say. I poured a cup of
water from a fountain nearby. London asked everyone what
they were about to go do. It was obvious that we all wanted
to continue what we had started somewhere more comfortable.
Then the automatic doors opened as the guy covering the
graveyard shift at the hotel walked in. I can tell he
noticed the energy in the air as he looked at us all
standing by the desk in a circle together like little kids
who just got caught sticking their hands in the cookie jar.
One by one we all clocked out of work and walked outside to
our cars in the back parking lot. Savannah then said, “So
are we all going to my place or…?” Ebony said that we
could all go to hers. Without hesitation we got into our
cars and followed Ebony to her apartment which was downtown
overlooking the city.
All five of us hung out listening to music and essentially
had a reverse gangbang orgy from the time we all left work
around 10pm until around 6:30 am. The night was spent
filled with weed, wine, the sounds of Drake and a lot of
sex. I fucked all 4 of them with everything that I had. I
went round for round so long that I felt like a fighter
needing a cut man! Ebony had a big terrace on which we
gathered after I had expelled that last bit of sex that I
had left in me. We talked for a while, complimenting each
other’s sexual performances and recounting the sexiest
moments. We then separated and went to our different
destinations. The next day at work, I ended up being paired
with only Larissa for a midday shift. She and I would
periodically sneak off and mess around throughout the
entire shift. After the shift, Larissa and I went to
Savannah’s apartment where London was waiting drinking a
glass of wine. We three had a round three, just 1 person
short of what we had during the first two rounds. I crashed
at Savannah’s that night, only to wake up and continue our
I finally got home and remembered I had the next few
days off of work. I showered, ate, and slept like a
Thanks for letting me


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