NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 12-4-19:

NBA Update:

— Doncic’s anything but docile, and this is giving Dallas a whole new look. #Timberwolves #Mavericks
— Lakers cruise, trashing and outmaneuvering the discordant Jazz, and move to an awe-inspiring 19-3. #Lakers #Jazz
— Graham grabs the headlines with a monster shooting night, while the pathetic Warriors still can’t do anything right. Nothing but frowns in The Town. #Warriors #Hornets
— Bucks keep trucking with a rather routine road killing of the pissed off Pistons. #Bucks #Pistons
— Celts had no problem dealing with the Heat, and they didn’t even have to fiddle with the thermostat in the visitors’ locker room. #Heat #Celtics


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