On the “Sick of Leftovers & Alabama” CDST Show (Part 1):

The Iron Bowl was a big headache for Little Nicky…

On the “Sick of Leftovers & Alabama” CDST Show (Part 1):
— Eric the Well-read stands tall as one helluva stand in
— College football run down … including the saga of gambling man, ex-Trojan Josh Shaw … sour Saban falling short at Auburn … and no time to be sick of The Ohio State
— A classic clip from No Country For Old Men (better be careful what you ask sugary Anton Chigurh) (instructions on how to proceed with a toin coss) (“this coin has been traveling 22 years to be here”)(“don’t put it in your pocket, where it’ll be mixed in with the others and become just another”)
— an unforgettable trip with the Big Green Van (attention all units, this is Sgt. Stadenko … we’re changing from a code green to a code red)
— Frank the Tank pops in with a giant black dildo and then Marc proceeds to bust his balls
— Take a walk on the wild side,as we run roughshod through our massive library of classic clips, quotes and sound bites
— Hear Marc take Barstool to school… “they can’t goof on our boy” … those are our pledges
— A sprinkle of Chris Walken, and then some raw, unchecked Billy Belichick (no days off)
— Find out what a frontier psychiatrist is really like,as told by the Avalanches (that boy needs therapy)
— Billy Squier’s on fire … from way back in 2005 … “Rock Me Tonite”
— A weather update from Boston … if you stuck your sack to a metal pole it would definitely stick
— Good advice for Wolverine fans: turn that TV off
— Beating Dallas … contain Elliott and Prescott and let the others beat you
— The latest on Steve Grogan (what a warrior) and the greatness of Mosi Tatupu
— Giants host Green Bay (worthless vs. weak … take weak)
— Skins vs. Panthers (Well-read trashes Washington, and then unknowingly makes the brilliant move of picking them)
— Caruso goes 0-3, by picking the Niners to shave the Ravens, and then predicts an RG-3 type explosion before Christmas
— The trend wasn’t your friend in TN vs. Indy (yes, Eric, Vinny was the difference, but not in the way you expected)
— Poor Patriots flew to Houston with the flu … so there’s your built in excuse (that’s what happens when youz guys do all those jacuzzis together)
— ChabDog checks in all hot and bothered about the 10 am Browns-Steelers telecast on CBS, but not everyone can understand (he warned you guys… take Pittsburgh getting the points)



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