NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 11-30-19

Hardly competitive Harbaugh declines dealing with The Ohio State’s decided dominance in The Game

NCAAF Top 25 Update:

— Another big disappointment at The Big House for the woefully over-matched Wolverines, who get whupped once again by their arch rivals from Archie Griffin country; to make matters worse, Harbaugh takes the tough questions personal, and seems utterly devoid of any understanding as to why his guys continually come up deficient and inadequate in this showdown of Big 10 big boys. #Buckeyes #Wolverines
— After a somewhat competitive first half, Sooners put the Cowboys to bed in the Bedlam rivalry, with a powerful running game and big plays by Hurts. #Sooners #Cowboys
— Aggie fans better break out the brown baggies to cover their heads with after getting buried by Burrow. #Aggies #Tigers
Lions avoid an unthinkable sputter against Rutgers. #Lions #ScarletKnights
— Gophers give the ball away one too many times against the poised Badgers, and end up on the losing end of things as loafers. After all is said and done Wisconsin wins the West and moves on to face OSU in the title game. #Badgers #Gophers
— No BCS fix this year for The Tide, who score 45 with their 2nd string QB, but can’t find it in themselves to put a stop to Bo “Knows how to beat — Bama” Nix. #CrimsonTide #Tigers
Clemson absolutely destroys the Lamecocks in Columbia, who had earlier in the year slipped by Georgia; whatever the BCS implications, the Tigers rightfully have their eyes on the national championship. #Tigers #Gamecocks
— Boy does Boise State look great! So what else is new in the Mountain West. #Broncos #Rams
— 5-7 shouldn’t (and won’t) cut the mustard for once proud Nebraska, and losing 5 straight to nearby Iowa is no doubt grating on the Husker homies. It’s time for some significant changes in Lincoln, and this starts with frigid coach Frost. #Hawkeyes #Cornhuskers
— Uncommonly good ending for upstart UVa in the Commonwealth Cup game…. #Hokies #Cavaliers
— Another “rivalry” game that looks like nothing more than an annual backyard beating among two next door neighbors; Georgia moves on to state its case against LSU. #Bulldogs #YellowJackets
— Trvial pursuit for the Buffs against the much superior Utes. #Buffaloes #Utes


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