On the “Mouth Agape, Going Ape” CDST Show (Pt. 1):

Did you know Ivan Lendl definitely can’t fit into his old tennis shorts?

— Hey Frank, take it easy on the Easy Off oven cleaner (and don’t forget to use your oven mitt, courtesy of Mrs. Nussbaum)
— Some pre-Thanksgiving turkey talk (a recipe will be posted)
— Referencing time and experiences shared with Seth Davis
— All about the mother of all protests orchestrated by friends of AOC at The Game 2019
— Bedeviled by the incompetence of the Devils, and why there’s plenty to frown about in Hockeytown (including owning up to their own-goals)
— Before I chose to snore, I watched an amazing US Open Semi-final between Mac and Jimbo in 1984
— Did you know Ivan Lendl definitely can’t fit into his old tennis shorts
— Spartans take fight right out of the Scarlet Knights, in front of all those fans in SHI Stadium … hey, did they forget a letter … maybe the “T”
— Honorary members of the 2019 Misfit Conference must include Rutgers, Maryland, Northworstern, UTEP, Rice, NC State, No excuse Syracuse, Puke Conn, Without a pulse Tulsa, The Akron (we score) Zips and Arkansas … Kansas’ application has been put on hold…. and UCLA is in the process of interviewing
— Massively mediocre PAC-12 is being dropped as a Power 5 and is joining the Golden Shower
— Will the Utes pollute the BCS? Really?
— Will Stanford stand up for itself at home in the Notre Dame game
— How to fix your alarm clock … just stay up all night at a cocktail party
— Maahk’s losing weight faster than the shady lawyer in Thinner (did he just get touched by a gypsy)
— A 286-pound Louie is pretty dangerous
— One cab dispatcher you don’t want to cross (if you don’t do things my way, things won’t go well for you)
— Weighing the comparative merits of being a bouncer or a debt collector who makes house calls
— A real feel good, Thanksgiving clip from Planes/Trains (at the Marathon Car Rental counter)… “You can start by wiping that @#$#@$’ing smile off your rosy cheeks … I want a @#$#$ing car right @#$#ing now… May I see your rental agreement… oh boy, you’re @#$#$’ed
— Caruso proudly proclaims he’s taking what the whole NFL is taking
— You heard it here first … Go with the Browns over Miami, giving all those points (they’re getting it done for helmet hero Garrett)
— No Eric, the Bills no longer play at Rich Stadium, but you were right to dismiss Denver’s changes
— Tank correctly sensed the Bungles would beat the TD spread, but going for their outright win was incredibly obtuse (“there’s no such thing as being due for win”; but they are dog doo).
— How could we all take the Bears, giving that number of points (we forgot the risky business in truly trusting Trubisky)
— Only half of us had the foreskin to know that Raiders wouldn’t cover … let alone beat … the hot mess that is Gang Green (this game ends differently than the Heidi Game)
— Much credit goes to your host, who stuck to his guns and picked Carolina (man the stench was almost unbearable)
— Consensus on the Falcons? What were we smoking? I forgot.
— Detroit gets killed by its still born QB Driskell…. THE REDSKINS WIN!!!!
— Remembering Ohio St. Art, who threw football games better than he threw footballs
— Most of us (sans Sauve) accurately could foresee Tennessee over J-ville
— No … the Patriots did not skate by the Cowboys, and they weren’t as invincible as MacGuyver in a Home Depot
— Yes, picking Green Bay over SF was quite unseemly. Once again, their play on the West Coast smelled like tainted cheese
— Going with the Eagles in an upset in the Battle of the Birds (not smart, Frank)//Seawahks may be coming out of NFC
— Our show has become a haven for the Ravens (Rams can forget it)



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