NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 11-24-19:

Steelers rise to the challenge by “Ducking” it, and send “Feet-set-in-stone” Mason to warm the bench.

NFL Update:

— Thanks god that Mensa Mike saw the light (listened to the ChabDog?) and subbed in The Duck for My-feet-are-set-in-stone Mason. Steelers emerge from their offensive coma and with some more fabulous play from Fitzpatrick and Co. will their way past the always bumbling Bungles. #Steelers #Bengals
— Kittle caught a lot more than a little over the middle, while strangely serene Green Bay did little more than fiddle and diddle. If you picked the Packers, shame on you. #Niners #Packers
— Tough luck for the visiting Cowboys, who play the Patriots to a virtual standoff, but are done in by a phantom tripping call, along with a referee reversal of a 4th down conversion. While Dallas has shown it knows how to score on the weak sisters of the NFL, it’s a different story when they come up against top defenses. #Cowboys #Patriots
— Just when you thought the Falcons had some fight in them, Atlanta’s Dirty Birds get rear ended at Mercedes-Benz by the erratic, but sometimes effective Bucs. Jameis comes up with a 100+ QBR, while the pass rush messes up Matt’s mojo with a series of sacks, hurries and forced TOs. #Buccaneers #Falcons
— Today’s win by the Bills was typically workmanlike, if not thrilling. Someone needs to educate QB Brandon on what to do in Denver when his offense is dead … yes, this offense is officially without a pulse. #Broncos #Bills
— Giants do what they are apt to do and piss off both their fans, and Vegas, by laying down in C-town, while having just enough to cover the spread. #Giants #Bears
— Mayfield has a field day against a very vulnerable Miami secondary, and Browns go the extra mile to win one for their embattled helmet twirler. #Dolphins #Browns
— After Slye gets an overwhelming case of the butterflies and his kick slides off to the side, Saints set up Lutz, who doesn’t disappoint. Yes, New Orleans survives and climbs to 9-2, but questions remain based on a pretty shoddy attempt to contain unheralded Kyle Allen. #Panthers #Saints
— Jets gang up on the Raiders, and turn the tables over on their unsuspecting guests with what is undoubtedly their best performance of the season. Back to the drawing board for Gruden, whose team seemed to be taking it for granted that they’d be set up for an easy-in/easy-out rout in the Meadowlands. #Raiders #Jets
— Other than the injured list, Wentz and his buddies have been left wondering where their weapons went. Battle of the birds goes decidedly to the Seahawks, who spend most of their time with the ball handing it off to understudy Penny. #Seahawks #Eagles
— Another Herculean effort by physical specimen Henry, along with top-notch stuff from Tannehill lead Tennessee to a rip roaring home rout of the sluggish Jaguars. #Jaguars #Titans


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