Screenings With Migs: 21 Bridges (No Spoilers)

This title for this movie should have been “21 Cliches”

If you’ve seen any action thriller revolving around cops and corrupt precincts, then you’ve probably “seen” 21 Bridges. The cop who has a tragic backstory of why he became a cop….check! The highly trained shooter bad guys…..check! Drug deals gone wrong….check! See what I mean? What’s really funny is all that info was in the trailer. I could keep going, but I won’t. You’ve probably seen movies like this so many times, that you’ll know what’s coming. The people behind me at the screening did. They were able to say what was going to happen several times. Normally that would be annoying, but in this case it was kind of amusing. Is 21 Bridges a bad flick? I don’t think so. It’s basic popcorn action, so entertaining yet highly unmemorable. I think the trailer over-hyped this film, especially since this was a Russo Brothers produced movie. That was supposed to be a selling point, but it doesn’t really pay off. I love their work when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the Russos need to not produce anymore cop thrillers! The film’s writers forgot about the thrills! Maybe the writing budget was cut so the bulk of the funds could be spent on those nice aerial shots of NYC.  King T’Challa was cool moonlighting as a NYPD detective. I’ve seen most of the films Boseman has starred in, and I haven’t seen a bad performance from him yet. It’s too bad the film doesn’t explore any new themes in the genre. By the numbers, which probably means we will see this on TNT soon. If you are free on discount day, check this out then. Please don’t spend more than 7 bucks on a ticket for “21 Cops Movies I Already Saw”.

See my video review here:

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