NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 11-20-19:

Clippers scramble to an impressive come-backer against the Celtics, and Beverly’s fingerprints were all over it.

NBA Update:

— Celts played well enough to beat most teams, but Clippers just kept coming at them, including unrelenting pressure from the human octopus Patrick Beverly, who created havoc with steals and mucho miscellaneous harassment. #Celtics #Clippers
— Nuggets do practically everything right Wednesday night, including hugging Harden tight on defense like a really snug fitting pampers, and with the result that Houston’s extended winning streak goes in the waste hamper. #Rockets #Nuggets
— Heat hold Cavs’ feet to the fire, punking Cleveland with some hot shot shooting by Duncan and swarm to 10-3. #Cavaliers #Heat
— Spurs aren’t used to these kinds of bumps in the road, but it’s clear they need some major shock absorbers. Major holes in this year’s bunch, including shoddy guard play and poor defense must certainly be keep Pop up at night. #Spurs #Wizards


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