On the “Ironing Out Our Problems” CDST show (Part 2):

Cherry pops off one too many times …

On the “Ironing Out Our Problems” CDST show (Part 2):
— Hear how salesman George Mueller presses the issue a little more forcefully than his brother Robert… (“Good Morning… Ain’t you gonna ring the bell? … Can’t you see I’m a perky little housewife … Well, if you don’t know who you work for, why should I care … Is it steam powered … my arm sure gets tired…Are you married? …”)
— Henry Fonda turning the tide in 12 Angry Men during some compelling back and forth with Mr. Maalox, EG Marshall
— Anything’s possible! The Falcons beat the Saints in New Orleans last week. The Nationals won the Series without Bryce Harper.
— Vindication for the Expos of ’94, who were shortchanged during the strike shortened season in their quest to win 3 in a row for Oh Canada
— Putting the heat on Cleveland’s Kitchens for fostering some very dirty environs
— By the way, Well-read reminds us that real men can handle themselves in kitchen
— Speaking of using your equipment as a deadly weapon, ChabDog takes us back to the bat whacking administered Johnny Roseboro by Juan Marichal
— Bluto, the head lion tamer, seems to like wearing Bozo buttons
— Speaking of turbulence, Cherry pops off about the need for foreigners to wear poppies and gets fired for sticking to his guns
— Speaking of Don, exactly how many Cups did he actually win, if any?
— “Hello Jeff… What you doing in my crib? I paid you half, I want it back. Well, then you better trying @#3’ing 40 grand, because I ain’t leaving without it. Protective custody don’t mean @#$# to me. The man’s dead. In a pig’s ass. Now look my man. I told you . Now you be a printer. Get some ink and start printing more of that @#$#$. Die mother @#$#$’er. You broke your contract with me Jeff. Now you’ll have to suck on this until you give me back my paper.”
— Discussing why “To Live and Die in LA” holds up after all these years.
— Belichick’s stock press conference answers… “When we know more, we’ll say more”, and “I just answered that question”
— Some misogynistic musing by beyond acceptable norms Norm Macdonald
— William Petersen drives a hard bargain — “I’ll give you 5 gs, and my promise not to throw you back in the joint”
— Signing off and getting our rocks off with the Stones’ “Rocks Off”.


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