NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 11-14-19:

NFL Update:

Myles Outlandish Creates Quite a Pre-Thanksgiving Spectacle on TNF …

— Two Thursdays before Thanksgiving, Cleveland’s Myles Outlandish goes to extraordinary and outrageous lengths to make a sick statement … about what we’ll never know. His pointless/senseless helmet hatchet job on PIttsburgh’s defenseless QB was pure assault and battery, and let’s hope the NFL takes the fuel cells out of his batteries for the rest of the year. This ridiculous and sick display is not just “on him”, it’s on Coach Kitchens and the rest of his staff, who created the culture in which this type of mentality was allowed to flourish and fester.
— As for the Steelers, the defense showed up and did its job, but the same cannot be said on the other side of the ball … Yes, the team suffered some major losses in terms of Conner and JuJu going down. However, the play calling was atrocious, and made no sense under the circumstances. Tomlin has apparently forgotten the success in San Diego, where we saw a sensible game plan for Rudolf, involving short passes to the backs, stuff over the middle to the tight ends, and enough running plays to keep the defense honest. There was none of that tonight, and this QB/this team is just not going to win with the standard drop back passes. We don’t have the speed at WR or the big strong QB who can buy time in the pocket to make those plays happen.

— The good news is we’ve got Cincy next, and a great motivational, revenge game when the Clowns come to town. But at some point, the play calling and game plan has to fit our personnel. #Steelers #Browns


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