NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 11-12-19:

NBA Update:

— Utah’s got more chemistry than any given episode of Breaking Bad, and with their main weapon — Kid Dynomite Donovan — that’s more than enough to eviscerate the Nets. #Nets #Jazz
— Bad loss for the well meaning Nuggets, who need to work on their defense if they intend to be taken seriously as a Western Power. #Hawks #Nuggets
— Powerful Philly toys with its disadvantaged opponent and ends up with a fortuitous dead Cav bounce. #Cavaliers #Sixers
— Pacers make that case that Thunder Road has become a very unforgiving place … utterly forgettable OKC left to languish with a puny 85 point output … little big gun Chris Paul finishes with 7. #Thunder #Pacers


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