Memoirs Of A Lucky Guy: A Midsummer Night’s Hat Trick

Memoirs of A Lucky Guy: A Midsummer Night’s Hat Trick
Paul Douglas
Based on A True
What’s up folks! Thanks for allowing me to share another
portion of my life as a VERY Lucky Guy. I wanted to dive
into a blast from the past which all started after a long
night that led to a moment in a fast food restaurant
restroom that changed my summer.
The Summer of 2002 started off with a bang for me as I was
beginning a new chapter in my young adult life outside of
the bounds of High school. That’s right I said it… High
School. So this tale will be filled with the child-like
freedom of public restraint and a display of the lack of
fear toward facing consequences of carefree actions.
I can remember it like it was yesterday. The air was crisp
with dry heat, and the sky looked scorched from the
setting sun. I stood on Bronco lane at a friend’s house
sitting on the tailgate of my Tahoe SUV. The sound of my
high school band practicing in the background provided a
reminder of great times that once were. A few other guy
friends and I were talking about what was in store for the
night. None of us knew or could have prepared for what we
were in store for.
We all decided to go get cleaned up after a long day at the
basketball courts. My buddy Rhalo, who’s house we all
loitered in front of like the movie “Boyz In The Hood,”
suggested that we all go out to the mall and essentially
look for women to hang out with. In the small town I’m
from, there were few options for entertainment within the
city at that time. I mean, the social media takeover was
still in its beta form at best, and using a cell phone to
aid in finding the local hot spot nearest to me wasn’t an
option either.
So my friends and I met up with more friends at the mall
and started to see more and more familiar faces as the
halls crowded with young teens fresh off of the enchantment
of high school graduation and new found freedom. We all
mingled for a while until a voice came over the loudspeaker
and informed the crowd that the mall would be closing soon
as the gates were being lowered by employees. Time flies
when you’re young and having fun. At times when I think
back it’s like a lifetime ago remembering things that took
place that lasted hours, even days that now appear as just
a blur on a memory pane, framed in my existence.
Moving along, after my friends and I basically got booted
out of the mall in a large group, we decided to ride around
and see where the next crowd formed. Again, being in a
small town, there are only a few places people will flock
to… Wal-Mart parking-lot, Waffle house, or Miami Subs.
After a coupe of loops around checking out the scene, my
friends and I landed at the local Wal-Mart parking lot.
There were dope looking young and budding girls walking
around hanging out by cars, groups of friends and all of
the normality that comes with teens with nothing to do. My
buddies and I normally stick together for the most part. No
matter where we go one of us has an eye on some of us. I
mention this because of what happens next.
I was standing next to a nineteen-ninety four-door Honda
Accord. I was trying my best to holla at Tiffany while her
identical twin sister Brittany tried to hate. I asked
Tiffany what they were doing later and she told me that her
and her sister were just going to go home in a bit. Then
she asked me what I was about to get into as she gave me
the, “are you coming by later?,” look. Before I could
answer, I heard my friend Chad yell from a few parking rows
over. I stood up from leaning on the driver side window and
I saw my friends arguing with a guy sitting in his car. I
realized it was a guy we all went to school with who had a
bad reputation for always being the catalyst behind drama
that was created. I started to walk toward them and Tiffany
got out of her Honda and stopped me. Her sister laughed and
made a few comments about me getting beat up. I laughed at
that! Tiffany didn’t want me to leave as she rubbed on my
back like a mother trying to calm her baby. Then I saw
another guy I went to school with get out of the passenger
seat of the car where my friends were standing and arguing.
The passenger dude ran up to another friend of mine we
called Streets and punched him in the face.
All hell broke loose as the passenger dude started giving
Streets the hands! Then the driver jumped out of the car
and tried to fight another friend of mine. I ran over to
help and/or stop the fight. I approached the driver and he
swung on me which triggered a reaction… meaning I whooped
dude’s ass. Wal-Mart security rolled up in a golf cart with
a glaring green light on top and got us all to scatter. As
I ran to my SUV, I saw the twins running back to their car.
So I made a detour and ran over to them and gave Tiffany my
phone number. I took off running and jumped in the truck
and sped out of the parking lot. I left with a few friends
and our adrenaline was pumping and we were on edge.
I pulled into the parking lot of Miami Subs just to
calm down and meet up with our friends that got lost in
Scatter after the fight. Once we all got together we
laughed and made peace with our actions. A few friends
joked about Streets getting beat up and we had a good laugh
from him admitting that, “buddy did start off hot, but I
got the last laugh.” We all continued to laugh without a
care in the world. Then my big block Nokia cell phone
started ringing. I stepped away from the group and walked
inside of Miami Subs. I didn’t recognize the number and
assumed it was Tiffany calling so I answered and discovered
it was indeed Tiffany. I walked into Miami Subs and a short
thick girl who worked there told me that they were closed.
The girl was so cute and thick I told Tiffany I’d call her
right back, hung up the cell phone, and gave my full
attention to the thick chick.
I told her I had to pee and did a little dance to show the
urgency. She replied that she didn’t care how fine I was,
but I can’t go to the bathroom. I unzipped my pants and
started to pull it out right there when I saw her look down
completely unphased. She watched and waited to see what I
was doing, So I told her if I couldn’t go to the bathroom
then I’d pull it out and piss right there in the lobby. She
raised one eyebrow and said, “Well pull it out then.” I
looked left and then right and said to myself, fuck it. I
pulled my dick right out of my pants and she smiled at the
sight. I then walked into the bathroom and she followed me
in. She tried to get me to leave grabbing me by the back of
my shirt. I turned facing her with my dick still hanging
out of my pants and I asked for her name. She said, “Fefe”
with a soft voice. I looked at her big fat booty in the
reflection of the bathroom mirror. It all felt like a scene
from a horrible porno flick. So I seized the moment and ran
my hand across her ample ass cheek that protruded out ever
so lovely through her work uniform. Fefe had the absolute
biggest rear end I had ever laid eyes or hands on at the
time. As soon as I worked my hand around the mound and
cuffed her greatness I immediately became aroused. Fefe
then started to slightly jack it back and forth with a sexy
devilish grin on her face. We had instant chemistry since I
walked in the front door so this didn’t throw me a bit. I
was impressed and turned on by her embracing her inner
FEFE I can’t believe I’m doing
ME What’s the
FEFE I don’t even know you like
ME Well there is more than one
way to start.
I leaned in to kiss her and she gripped my dick harder
when my phone rang. It was my friend Chad calling. I
answered to find out they were all outside waiting on me
to go to a nearby friend’s house because their parents
were out of town. We exchanged numbers as I got one last
look and grab of Fefe’s ass and walked out of the fast
food joint noticing her staring at me the entire time. I
adjusted my 18 year old rager before I faced my friends.
I linked back up with the fellas and we all mounted up and
rode away to more fun times for the night. On the way to
the party house, I got a text from Tiffany who, I must
admit, I had forgotten about due to the enormous bubble
butt that was still fresh on my mind. Fefe texted me not
too long after Tiffany had to say that she enjoyed meeting
me. Fefe also asked me if I would be up late?
I knew I had laid the game down thick with Tiffany even
though it seemed I was constantly derailed by her hater of
a twin sister. I figured I had a good chance to have a late
night driveway chat session until it got late enough for me
to fear walking into my Mother’s house long after I was
expected back.
Fefe let me know that she got off of work
around 3am and if I was still up we should continue our
conversation then. I automatically agreed only thinking of
that ass and I headed to the party house.
I pulled into the party house’s driveway and parked behind
Chad’s older brother Will. Before I could get out Tiffany
called me. Chad’s nosy ass saw her name flash across my
caller ID as “Tiff the Twin”, so he started begging me to
set up the late nightt visit so that he could hook up with
Brittany. I quickly explained that Brittany was the mean
sister and I doubt that’d be an option. It was truly how I
felt at the time, seeing how she was pretty much the
definition of a Bitch in the urban dictionary. Meaning she
was an evil woman with an evil aura that hits you before
you even speak to her. I picked up the phone and was
greeted by Tiffany’s mousy voice. It reminded me of the
character Jewel from the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, the one
who married Will’s best friend Jazz.
We just chatted for a
second about the fight at Wal-Mart and she asked if I was
OK. I could tell by the way she spoke to both me and her
sister about the fight, both were impressed by the way I
was able to handle myself. After all, Brittany had assumed
I would get my ass kicked if I joined
the mélée. I was still in the driver’s seat of my SUV with
the seat leaned back as my friends and a few ladies from
school smoked weed and drank Zima and Thunder Bird. Yup I
said it folks… Out of all the alcohol that was
available, for some reason the host of the party could
only get their hands on motherfucking Zima and Thunder
Bird. They would pour lime green Kool-Aid into the Bird to
cover the nasty harsh taste and it’d also turn the golden
brown drink into an awful blue/green looking color that
was used to gauge the right amount of mixture added. I
don’t make up the rules I’m just the messenger…
After some time passed it was now around 1:00am and I was
still on the phone talking to Tiffany with her twin sister
squawking in the background. They were basically living
vicariously through me at the party. They were already home
and didn’t feel like coming back out. They lived across
town and went to a different school than I did, so it was
My Friends came outside and tried to get me to join them
inside for more Zima, weed, and lime green flavored bad
malt liquor. I did lean out the window to hit the blunt a
few times. The damn blunt was thicker and longer than my
fingers packed full of dog-shit-brown-frown reggie, but we
didn’t know any better at the time. It got the job done as
far as we were concerned. Tiffany heard me coughing hard
and asked if I was smoking. I admitted I was, so she asked
if I could hook them up with some. I told them I’d see what
I could do… then I heard Brittany say in the background
that I could come over if I smoke with them. I told them
I’d call right back and hung up the phone and proceeded to
get out the car and immediately found out who had the weed.
I discovered my ace, my dog, my Pippen if I was Jordan, my
Kobe if I was Shaq… Rhalo had that shit on deck and man
he had a lot! I didn’t have any cash on me but he was my
true and through homie, so he basically gave me a dub as
long as I dropped him off at home later. Deal! Then we left
without a word. I could hear my friends laughing and
talking shit about my departure as I gassed my big sled out
of the driveway.
I called the twins back once I got onto the main road and
told them to text me the address and to give directions to
get there. Keep in mind this is 2002 a time before the GPS
app existed, so she had to give landmarks, pin-point
directions, and street names in addition to the address.
Rhalo asked me to swing him by his girlfriend’s house
before I headed over to meet the
twins, So I stopped at a
nearby gas station to buy some supplies on the way. I
didn’t know how to roll a blunt, so I had Rhalo twist one
up for me before I dropped him off. I told him I’d be back
later and drove away as I watched him sneak up to his
girlfriend’s window in the rear view mirror.
I finally made it to the twins house after a few U-turns
and wrong turns. Their parents had a pretty dope house off
of Raeford Road in my hometown. They told me their Mom was
a nurse and worked over night so I was good to park in the
driveway if I didn’t want to leave my SUV on the street. I
will admit, I was feeling myself seeing that I was barely
18 and driving a brand-new forty-thousand dollar SUV that
my Mom practically gave me because my previous new car
graduation gift was stolen at gunpoint at a gas station one
late night after basketball practice. But that’s another
Meanwhile, the twins looked at me as if I had it going on,
and I did. I mean they were looking me up and down like a
fucking steak. I stood by the SUV towering over them as
they realized how much taller I was, how good I smelled,
and how nice my smile is. I just played it cool and
revealed the blunt Rhalo rolled and told them I didn’t know
if they could so I came prepared. They led me to their
garage and Brittany revealed that she knew how to roll a
blunt, so I gave her the bag and the blunts. She broke that
shit down, split the dutchie, and rolled that shit up like
a gangster. I was impressed, to say the least.
Time passed as the three of us sat around chain-smoking
blunt after blunt until I ran out of cigars. Brittany said
that she had some rolling papers and left the garage to go
get them. Tiffany and I vibed out to Jay-Z’s Black Album
that she played from a first-generation IBM laptop with
those old school bulky plug in speakers. Tiffany and I
locked eyes for a moment while Hov played in the
background. I didn’t know how to read moments like this at
that young age, but I felt like something could happen.
Even though, in my mind, her sister would throw a wrench in
a possible make-out session.
JAY-Z I can get you BET and TRL
too, you wanna be in the public,
send your budget, well fuck it, I
ain’t budgingFefe texts me. I ignore
JAY-Z Young did it to death,
you gotta love it.
Tiffany puts her hand on my
JAY-Z Record companies told me I
couldn’t cut it, now look at me
all star-studded.
Brittany comes back in the garage as I lean in for the
I jump back. We are both sitting on milk crates next to a
washer and dryer with the ashtray on the ground. Brittany
skips the rest of Encore and the next track. That Timb
beat dropped in so hard we all started bopping our
shoulders to the rhythm. Brittany rolled up a fat ass
joint and lit it. Tiffany stood up as Brittany passed her
the blunt and started to dance. The twins where both
around 5’5, 110 to 120 lbs. They were coconut brown and
they both had a china doll jet black hairdo. Tiffany had
more of a slender frame with a plump booty with perky
b-cups. Brittany, however, was the thicker, plumper
sister. She had the hips and booty with the tiny waist.
She was a classic 36-C and they were just as perky.
Although they look dead alike in the face, their curves
varied in pleasantly different ways.
Brittany seemed to lighten up after all that weed we smoked
and showed it by rapping along to me as she danced and
shook her hips in my direction. Tiffany started to dance
along with her after passing me the joint. I smoked it and
watched them dance together as if they were two strangers
in a bar. The setting of a dingy garage melted away as I
focused on the both of them. I looked at my phone realizing
it was 2:45am. At this point I knew I was either gonna get
caught sneaking into the house or slip by undetected.
Either way, I knew in my heart it’d be worth it. Rhalo had
yet to text me, and I saw Fefe’s text saying that she was
going to Waffle House after she got off and that I could
meet up with her if I was still out. I looked at the twins
and saw them now damn near groping one another. So I texted
back OK and put my phone on silent. I couldn’t tell if this
was simply dancing or if it was something more. I held the
joint so long distracted by the twins’ moment that it went
out. I stood up and reached for the lighter sitting on the
washing machine when Brittany grabbed my hand and danced up
to me.
She popped and twerked on me as she looked back at me with
her jet black hair slightly covering part of her face. She
moved to the side and let her sister do the same. Tiffany
rubbed my hands over her ass and hips as she danced and my
18 year old hormones started going and next thing you know
I was rock solid. Tiffany continued to grind her slim thick
self against it. She let out a moan and reached back and
grabbed it through my pants. She stopped dancing and turned
around as she gripped it and slid her hand up and down its
TIFFANY Damn, he got a big
ass dick!
for real?
Tiffany continued to rub on it as I stood there smiling.
Brittany tells me to show her as she turns and walks
inside. Tiffany turns to follow and pulls me along by the
dick. We go inside and walk to a bedroom with bunk beds in
it. They were the most modern looking secret drawer having
bunk beds I’d ever seen. Once we got in the room, Brittany
closed the door and had a wide smile on her face. So
without hesitation I pull it out and show them both all my
Tiffany looks at Brittany and mouths something I didn’t
catch, which didn’t matter because she went straight down
on me and started to suck it. Brittany stood there and
started to rub on herself while she watched as her twin
sister sucked the soul out of me for about three minutes
bringing me to the edge of a climax. I pulled back and she
tried to push forward back on it. I fought away from her
and got her to stand up. She tried to kiss me and without
skipping a beat I dodged her face and dove into her neck
kissing and licking it. She reacted to it as if I was
licking her kitty. she exploded with loud emotion, hissing
as she took in deep breaths between her moans. I moved us
to the bed and slid my hands down her shorts revealing no
panties, so I inserted my fingers into her slowly and
methodically. She was gushing wet as I kissed on her neck
and cleavage. I was in front of her as she sat up on her
knees. She took off her tank top showing her perky breasts
and I licked her nipples back and forth. I nibbled and
sucked them like a little baby.
BRITTANY Wait… Do you have
I reached in my back pocket and pulled out a box with three
condoms in it. She smiled and walked over to the bed and
sat down near the edge.
I did exactly what she asked. Tiffany pulled her shorts
down and struggled a bit when she got to her knees.
Brittany helped her pull them all the way off and then
she stood up and took her shorts and shirt off also.
She laid down next to me and stared to kiss my neck as
Tiffany mounted me and put it in and rode the fuck out of
my dick. It was like the same motion they danced in was
being mimicked on top of me. Tiffany moaned, bounced, and
swung her hair like a porn star. She bounced faster and got
up on her feet while she bobbed up and down. Brittany sat
up and made her go up and down harder, higher, and deeper.
I was about to explode as she got wetter and wetter. The
sounds of her juices slushed and squeaked as she
pogo-sticked me. Tiffany let out a yell and collapsed on my
chest. She trembled, slowly grinding me deep into her. I
could feel her throbbing as her walls griped me like a
She got off of me and fell off the bed to the floor as she
let out deep breaths. Brittany bent her fat ample backside
over and offered herself to me. I stuck it right in her and
she felt just as warm and wet as her sister. Her thickness
felt so good in a different way than her Tiffany, but the
sensation was an even match for sure. I thrust back and
forth as hard as I could. The bunk beds were not stacked
directly on top of one another but offset allowing a
portion of the bottom bunk to be exposed away from the top.
I used the top bunk to balance myself as I tried out
standing doggy for the first time in my life and after a
few strokes in, Brittany started to chant, “yes”, over and
over. I couldn’t take the experience any longer and popped
right then and there. I pulled it out and ripped the condom
off and painted Brittany’s ass like a young Picasso. She
whipped around and started to suck it just as good as her
sister. I almost couldn’t handle the feeling.
BRITTANY You wanna
cum again?
I shook my head, “yes”. She started sucking it again. I
laid back with my legs wide open and she sucked my dick and
balls back and forth like a mad woman. I was so shocked
that I was actually experiencing this in real life. I was
so high I couldn’t react at the time, but I was good enough
to not fuck this time up. I put another condom on and
Tiffany got back on the bed and Her and Brittany both bent
over in front of me. I fucked them both back and forth for
about two to three minutes a piece. I was too young to
handle them the right
way and still too in shock to comprehend that this is not
their first rodeo. I just enjoyed the freaky limits I was
currently at. I fucked them both from the back until I got
rock hard while I was in Brittany. She started to squirt as
I fucked her as she tried to mumble, “I’m cumming”. This
was the first time I had seen this outside of a flick I’d
seen. It was amazing.
Tiffany just sat there bent over watching as I pummeled her
sister. Brittany squirted all over me. It was like every
time I’d thrust, she let out more and more. I pumped a few
hard times and I slipped out splashing her juices all over
her ass as if her pussy exploded as my rager grenade hit
her cheeks. Tiffany reached back and guided me into her and
I thrust at the same pace I just had with her sister. She
creamed up so fast and started to throw it back at me.
Without warning, I looked at her slim waist and frame as
her cheeks were spreading at a deep arched angle and I let
it go inside of her with the condom on so hard I pulled it
out to check just to be sure it was still on. It felt like
I shot the damn thing off into space and beyond.
Tiffany grunted a bit in a sexy way as I hit her hard in a
grand finale kind of way. She sat there still bent over for
a moment as Brittany got up and walked in to bathroom
connected to the room. She turned of the shower and got in.
Tiffany got up and told me to join them. I followed her in
and all three of us washed up and giggled like kids as we
fondled one anothers soapy bodies. We got out and I got
dressed. I looked at my phone and saw fourteen missed calls
from Rhalo and two from Fefe. I jumped up and told the
twins I had to run and get my friend and that I’d call them
later. They walked me out and asked me over and over if I
was gonna call? I assured them I wasn’t a crazy man and
that we would most certainly be seeing more of each other.
I got in the truck and drove like a bat out of hell. I got
to Rhalo around 4:05 am. He was standing outside waiting on
me and he got in smiling wide.RHALO Damn peoples… What
the fuck you been doing all night nigga?
ME Dog!!! Bruh… I’m scared to
tell you cause I don’t wanna
ever fuck it up!
RHALO What you smashed the twin
ME Man look…RHALO Let me find
out my boy done smashed tonight!
ME Bruh!…
I drove Rhalo home and avoided telling him what actually
happened. I was still processing everything myself! I
dropped him off, and I texted Fefe back letting her know I
fell asleep – which was a lie I was willing to live with.
She replied fast as hell saying it’s all good ‘cause she
just got in her neighborhood. I could hear the sound of a
small car with a bad muffler on it in the background on the
phone and at the same time I heard the noise… A small 95
civic drove by Rhalo’s house on Bronco Ln. I couldn’t see
who was in the car so I cranked up the Tahoe and took off
behind it. I called Fefe. She answered on the second ring
with her soft voice. I asked her what hood she stayed in
and she told me Ponderosa. I couldn’t believe it. She was
definitely in the car in front of me. The civic turned onto
a road and swung into a driveway. I pulled up and rolled
down the passenger window as Fefe’s thick self stepped out
of the car. She saw me and waved as she said bye to her
ride and walked over.
FEFE What are you doing here
mister? Are you stalking me
already or something?ME Nah never
that… I just dropped my boy
Rhalo off up the street and I saw
you so I was like, let me say hi
before I go to the crib.
FEFE Oh yeah I did hear Rhalo
stayed up there. This is my
Grandmother’s house I’m just here
on the weekends.
ME Oh ok…
The Civic drove away as Fefe got in my passenger side. She
looked so cute and alluring. She leaned over the console
and stared at my dick print.
FEFE So what you been doing
tonight when you left earlier?
ME Just chilling. Why, you
miss me?
FEFE I mean I was holding your
thing in my hands at my damn job
ME Hey I didn’t hold a gun to
your head and tell you to
touch it.
FEFE Didn’t nobody hold a gun to
your head and tell you to pull
him out neither.
I sat there for a moment, I looked at the time… she
slowly moved her hand over to my print. With youth comes
endless energy and with that my flaccid,
been-through-two-rounds of a penis came to life.
ME See there you go Miss-I-Don’t-Know-You.
FEFE I thought that’s why you got my number
ME This is
FEFE Well you wanna get to
know each other now or later?
She started stroking me and unzipped my
pants, searching for my dick as if she was
on a scavenger hunt. When she found it, she
let out a sound as if she had just won a
prize. I unbuckled my pants and pulled it all
the way out. She went down on me right then
and there and all I could think was I’m glad
I took that shower. Fefe sucked on it as best
as she could from her awkward position. I
suggested we make our way to the back seats
and she reluctantly joined me. I had to lay
the seats down forming a somewhat comfortable
space before she climbed in back with me. We
spooned as she wiggled her huge soft pecan
tanned cheeks out of her pants.
She had a black lace thong on that her ass pretty much
devoured. I had to form a search party for that damn thing
it was so far up her deep crevice. I put the condom on and
I slid her thong to the side and I ran all up in it. She
let out soft moans and guided my hands onto her big
D-cupped breasts. I squeezed them, almost using them to
anchor my thrusts. I couldn’t help myself and moved her so
she was on her knees. I wanted to see all the waves her
ocean of ass would form.
My Tahoe was tinted so we were shielded to a degree sitting
on the street parked in front of her Grandmother’s house. I
didn’t let any of that stop the moment and I certainly
didn’t care about the time either. I figured that whatever
trouble may be waiting on me at home would be worth it
after the night I’ve been having. I couldn’t believe this
was happening but I continued to fuck Fefe with long and
hard strokes until I couldn’t take it and gave her the old
gonzo porn style ass cheek money shot. She popped her one
cheek back and forth like a stripper as I ripped the condom
off and painted it with what I had left in the tank. I left
it all on the field that night.
We cleaned up with an unused t-shirt that I had in my gym
bag in the back of the truck. We laid there talking and
actually genuinely getting to know one another. It was like
the most backwards first date ever. We were in there ‘til
around 5:50 am. Her Grandmother called her cell phone to
check on her and she made up a lie and told her she’d be
home any minute. We pecked kissed like two lovers in a
cheesy TV sitcom. She told me to call her later and let me
know her work hours. I watched her phat ass switch from
side to side as she walked up to the door and waved to me.
She got inside and I drove away smitten from the night I
just had. I got home and slid into my house nervously and
discovered my Mom was knocked out snoring like a chainsaw
cutting logs.
My parents were no longer together and I as much as it
sucks to say it, but at that moment I was lucky that I
didn’t have to get past my dog-eared Dad. The man would
hear a pin drop in the middle of a thunderstorm. I got
upstairs and took a shower and laid down exhausted. I slept
like a baby until late that Saturday morning. Later I met
up with my Friends at the Rec to play basketball and they
all wanted to know what I ended up doing after Rhalo gave
the vague details I leaked to him. After hours and hours of
interrogation I still didn’t crack. If there’s thing I’ve
learned from any female, it’s that the ultimate get-cut-off
card will be issued to the dork who has to kiss and tell.
Time passed as I went into the Summer a different man. I
continued to meet up with the twins for smoke sessions
and we continued having sex with each other. It grew into
Sort of a three-way secret relationship. I wasn’t
officially with them or Fefe, who I was also meeting up
with from time to time. I explored many different aspects
of sex with those three over the Summer. It got to the
point to where I ended up spending more time with the twins
more than anyone.
My friends picked up on it and put two and me together. One
night Tiffany revealed to one of my friends that she and I
were hooking up and my boys wouldn’t let it go. I started
meeting up with Tiffany alone and occasionally Brittany and
I would hang out and have sex one on one. I never really
got over the shock of the whole thing.
Time passed and College started for us all. We were all the
same age and same grade level so life started to change.
Tiffany and I stopped hanging out as frequently after
Brittany started to date a guy who was the weed man on
campus. Fefe and I picked up our time together more until I
transferred schools and moved away chasing dreams. We
linked a few times afterward, but over time we grew apart
and met and spoke less and less. I lost contact with
Tiffany after she questioned my new love with the ladies at
my new college. The awkward, “what are we” conversation
came up and if I was a smarter man I could have settled the
topic and had a pretty dope ass freaky girlfriend who went
to college back home that would let me fuck her twin sister
if the moment presented itself. But, like a young man with
his eyes wide shut focused on personal things and dealing
with learning the ways of life and how things work, I had
my head too far up my own ass to see what was in my lap.
Brittany made it clear during one of my last moments of
contact with the twins, but I was knee deep in life in
another city and really didn’t see myself holding ties back
Sometimes good things will end from a missed opportunity to
keep the good times rolling. So I look at it as a learning
moment. Just as the situationship started off by seizing a
moment and recognizing it when it’s present, I neglected to
use that same judgment after time passed and we all learned
each other more as we grew as individuals. Although I’ve
lost contact with the twins, I’ve had so many more
experiences that I was prepared to have based on the
encounter I shared with all those beautiful Queens that
Summer. It was the first of many great Summer fun times to
Thanks for letting me


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