On the CDST “Freddie Mercury Retrograde” Show (Part 2):

Too Saban’s Alabama isn’t as resilient as True Romance’s Alabama …..

On the CDST “Freddie Mercury Retrograde” Show (Part 2):
— Honing those interview skills with Peter Gibbons in Office Space (“I generally come in 15 minutes late, use the side-door entrance so Lumberg can’t see me, and then space out … in any given work week, I probably do about 15 minutes of real work … the thing is, it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s just that I don’t care … and here’s something else, Bob, I have 8 different bosses now…”)
— “Well, I guess that just about wraps it up … attention all units, this is Sgt. Stadenko… we may be lost due to incompetence”
— A pharmacological assessment of Caruso’s contamination quotient … you won’t believe the results (his new initials should be CVS)
— The ethics of sucker punching (there are none)
— Who’s the bigger freak … Burfict or King Ndomakong
— Some of us refuse to face facts that the Patriots will be back
— Under heavy cross examination regarding the Ravens, Maahk adroitly evades evaluation of NE’s slow as molasses linebackers
— Going back and forth between Andy’s army vs. Trashyhill’s Titans and the formerly frazzled Falcons sticking it to FaBrees and the fainting Saints
— Did ChabDog really fall off the Ben bandwagon … how about Rudy the water boy!
— Frank rooting for the Pats … yes that is a truly sick thought
— More from the hopelessly obnoxious housewives from Southie … “those girls give me a headache”
— All about no holds barred trips to the Big House
— Tales of a fracas with a 6 ft. 8 virgin Goliath
— Why getting smacked in the ribs is a real bummer
— Back to some “True Romance” … this is one Alabama who knew how to corkscrew hereself out of a tough situation (hey Saban… take some notes!); Patricia Arquette in leopard pants vs. a grinning Gandolfini (“Where’s our coke, where’s Clarence and when’s he coming back? … What’s the matter baby, can’t breathe? The first time you kill somebody, that’s the hardest. Snow at the end of the rainbow. This is it baby. The moment of truth. Got a lot of heart kid. Wanna Play. Wanna play with daddy. Stick it in daddy. Wait … you look ridiculous.”)
— No Well-read, “The Depaaahted” is not a Western (I have to admit I could never bear to watch it) (Markie Mark’s even good in it) (the only complaint is that Matt Damon’s Boston accent stunk)… you’ve got to hear the Caruso review
— Queen’s Mercurial advice on how to Keep Yourself Alive during this retrogressive period of orbit (and what is a Belladonic haze?)
— ChabDog’s right on the mark when he said the Steelers would have their Richie Aprille moment and make Goff cry (“What’s the matter … you gonna cry?”)


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