NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 11-11-19:

At 24 for 46 or thereabouts, the Jimmy G.-force tonight was severely lacking…

NFL Update:

For those looking to validate the Niners’ status as NFC favorite for the Super Bowl, tonight’s showdown with the Seahawks … however competitive and entertaining … was a substantial disappointment. Garoppolo just barely held things together in stitching together an ugly drive that tied the game at the end of regulation, but lost his composure with a number of panicky throws in OT. As for the SF defense, it looked vulnerable up front and at linebacker, allowing Wilson to dink and dunk his way down the field when the game was on the line, in addition to falling asleep on the Seattle QB’s habitual 18-yard scramble that put the game on ice. The bottom line is that nobody watching this game is quaking in their football boots about having to lace ’em up with the 8-1 49’ers. #Seahawks #FortyNiners


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