On the CDST Freddie Mercury Retrograde Show (Part 1):

More gratuitous Captain Kirk and Buccaneer bashing (we spoke too soon)

On the CDST Freddie Mercury Retrograde Show (Part 1):
— A timely weather update (thank you Alexa)
— Time to rename the Jets-Giants home digs to Waste Management Stadium
— Where’s Waldo has been replaced by Where’s Antonio
— Holding the refs’ hands while they hold a meeting to determine what’s holding
— More gratuitous Captain Kirk and Buccaneer bashing (we spoke too soon)
— Our theory is that Adam got hired because of his engrossing gaze
— Details on a juicy lawsuit against an NFL team for wrongful termination
— Tank elaborates on the current state of tanking
— Why the Skins are asking for trouble by starting Haskins
— Officiating is officially offensive … too many effing flags
— Practice makes perfect (someone needs to be reminded of this)
— There’s no mystery why OSU likes suspending valuable players against MD
— Putting a microscope on the Golden Domers’ schedule
— Minnesota’s making hay, and it’s about time people started taking notice
— An unforgettable Eddie Orgy impression (“I gotta hummer, … you’ve got a hummer”)
— Maahk figures out how to make Frank root for the Patriots in the Super Bowl (no way he’ll be pulling for the Niners, if they could shatter the perfection of the Shulan Dolphins of 71-72)
— Apparently, NE’s left tackle Marshall Newhouse was to blame for last week’s loss to the Ravens
— Speaking of the Ravens, Fleming flounders with his bellowing for the Bengals
— Celtics are so happy now they have a round peg in a round hole
— Making light of the Patriots’ Hall of Fame horsepower
— Gronk’s taking CBD to an extreme … expect him back in no time
— Underestimating the sad state of Reid’s ability to read his own defense
— Cleveland-Buff sparks a spirited debate
— Another Giant mistake going with Big Blue
— Too bad for Arthur that he was shooting blanks on the sidelines after it got to 28-3.
— Is Brian Lynley related to Carol?
— Stan nearly causes hysteria with misinformation about an RG III sighting
— Sorry, but who in their right mind cares about Carolina
— All about things breaking down now that Mercury’s in Retrograde
— Don Cherriot’s of Fire (say it isn’t so … he can’t go)
— Detroit at Chicago … do we really have to talk about it?
— Is there anything true about Trubisky? I guess so…
— Maahk mistakely bolts for the Colts… bad move … and then goes with the Niners on the Monday Nighter so he can keep his dream alive
— Sorry for those who failed to see things the Steelers’ way (can’t say ChabDog didn’t try to warn you)
— Yes, Zeke was copping some ZZZs against the Viking D
— More analysis of the little steppy steps taken by girdle guy Jason Witten


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