NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 11-10-19:

Action Jackson speed read every delayed reaction from the confused Cincy defenders, and was making perfect decisions all day.

NFL Update:
— No surprise to anyone on the planet … sorry Frankie Midnight… as the ultra-incompetent Bungles look totally ridiculous at home against the red hot Ravens. Action Jackson speed read every delayed reaction from the confused Cincy defenders, and was making perfect decisions all day. No trap game here! #Ravens #Bengals
— Vikings look totally tough in gutty road win against the Cowboys. Dalvin Cook leads the way with rugged running and receiving, the defense shuts down Zeke, and Cousins looks anything but weak. #Vikings #Cowboys
— Stubborn Steelers refuse to lose, after a comedic/near disastrous opening blunder, leaning on their steady rookie Rudy, along with a beastly defense, to outlast the Donald of Defense and his rusty Rams. #Rams #Steelers
— Chiefs blow a big game in TN with more weak-willed defense, allowing the Titans to push them around when it mattered most. Yes, they are potent point producers, but are completely incapable of stopping anyone when the spotlight is shining brightly, as Super Bowl contenders go … they are strictly pretenders. #Chiefs #Titans
— We’re all dumbfounded what with the Colts, not the Dolphins, looking like total dolts; Indy may have turned its season upside down with turnovers in a terrible home loss to miserable Miami. #Dolphins #Colts
— Packers use smoke, mirrors, and a blizzard, along with the usual help from the zebra gods and a timely goal line stand, to avoid an embarrassing loss to the pedestrian Panthers. #Panthers #Packers
— Somehow, the Bucs don’t muck things up, coming through in the waning moments to defrock the Cardinals. #Cardinals #Buccaneers
— When it comes to football gangs of New York, it’s Gang Green that looks most mean, judging from their ability to subdue no-so-Big Big. #Giants #Jets
— Cleveland overcomes more whiffing in the red zone to rebuff anemic Buffalo, which looks primed to plummet like a lead balloon in the playoff pecking order. #Bills #Browns
— Lions lay an egg at Soldier Field without their field general, while Chicago finally gets some true leadership from Trubisky. #Lions #Bears
— ATL shocks the world by coming out of irrelevancy to KO the over-hyped Saints, in what must have been a thoroughly satisfying victory for the much-maligned Falcon defense. More evidence of what we saw last year … that superstar Brees isn’t willing to do much scrambling is is pretty much a dead duck in the face of a frenzied pass rush. Yes, NO is still pretty much set to win the NFC South, but don’t expect much from them in the playoffs if they can figure out how to protect their aged QB. #Falcons #Saints


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