NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Wednesday, 11-6-19:

Memo to those playing the Bucks: Make the big guy give up the ball/pass, and get him off the glass

NBA Update:

— In a wildly entertaining game, Clips can’t keep G-man away from the glass and fall by five to the relentless Bucks. Making threes is nice, but better to make the big man shoot jumpers and give the ball up. #Bucks #Clippers
— It’s early in the year, but already the “Sicks” are making a serious run for Worst in New York … and that’s no small task given the local competition (or should be say, lack thereof). #Knicks #Pistons
— Playing small … and without Wall … is not a pleasant place for the wallowing Wizzards. #Wizards #Pacers.
— Getting effective leadership from Siakam and Lowry, the Raptors don’t look too psyched out by the departure of Leonard. #Kings #Raptors
— Golden State’s a pitiful 2-6, and this state of disarray certainly isn’t bothering the rest of the NBA. #Warriors #Rockets
— Donovan turned it on in the third, and the Jazz play successfully to a packed house in toppling the tough Sixers. #Sixers #Jazz


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