On the “Road Trip” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 2):

So sorry, but Ohio St. Art just didn’t make the grade at the next level …

On the “Road Trip” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 2):
— Stu really knows how to do an interview … in this case with Jeff Spicoli (“Where’d you get this jacket?” “Me and Mick are gonna wing on over to London and jam with the stones … and you guys are invited too”)
— Learn about contemporary American history with Professor Turgeson (“Is she right?” “I was up to my knees in rice patties … ohhh ohhh” “Me, I’m not a fighter, I’m a lover” “Well, I didn’t know you wanted to get involved in the discussion, Mr. Helper” “Tell me why, say it!” “Because Truman was too much of a pussy-wimp to let MacArthur go in and blow away those commie bastards”)
— Thinking back to Easy Money, including the “Great Dane in the backyard” scene … it’s definitely good to be “the King”, the Mexican restaurant scene (“all you need is some willpower”), browsing in the Odds and Ends store (“you don’t look like browsers”) and the “regular guy look”
— Wasn’t Julio the same guy who delivered the pizza to Mr. Hands’ class?
— Pondering as to the value of life (and that poor waiter who got hit with the brick in the Sopranos after dinner scene)
— ChabDog happily defend his more than passing interest in the fate of the surging Steelers
— Discussing the likely NFC representative in the Super Bowl
— Smart money wasn’t going with Bluto Patricia in his battle against the great Gruden (the master motivator)
— Those darn Chicken of the Seahawks win, but fool us all once again because they can’t quite cover (that darn 1/2 point)
— Cleveland vs. Denver (talk about a nothing burger game!) … $1000 bucks to anyone who can name the Broncos’ QB … looks like going with Cleveland by default was a fatal mistake (thanks for the guidance Eric!)
— Why didn’t I listen to my inner voice that the Chargers could indeedy cause probs for Mr. St. Farm and that the depraved Ravens could in fact violate the pompous Patriots
— Marc decides to annoy the hell outta us by mention linebackers Simon and Van Noy
— Doesn’t Jimmy G. look like a youthful Tom Brady? He’s so sinewy
— The MNC NFC East square off was definitely nothing more than a total stinkaroo….
— Caruso steals a line from Goodman in the Big Lebowski … “I don’t roll my wheels on Patriots’ Day”
— And now for another delightful edition of “Housewives of South Boston” (find out what goes into a “Stankees Swap”, “Dawn’s brain is like Larry Bird’s back in 1988 … a complete @#$#ing spaz” “are we going to get this started… I’ve got an arraignment to go to” “I love Papa Gino’s .. their pasta is so sticky” “the only place I need his autograph is on a check for child support”, funny how all these Red Sox lovers wanted the Yankee Candle)
— Where is the AFC in the NFL’s Power Rankings?
— Making plans for another victory parade in Boston; isn’t that a bit premature? Caruso laments the one he impolitely missed in 2011 for the Bruins and a smashing time.
— Is Hoyer really better than Brisket? That assertion is a little hard to stomach
— Trying to name an Ohio St. QB who done good in the pros … you just can’t do it (no bald Art Schlichter doesn’t qualify)
— Unsung heroes include Rocky Bleier, who dived on that onsides kick to beat Dallas in the Super Bowl of ’79
— Unsolved mysteries … what’s eating Josh Gordon … no I mean what is Josh Gordon eating
— Receivers who could go out and get the ball, like nostrils flaring Michael Irvin
— The Rolling Stones go dancing with Little Sister



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