On the “Road Trip” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 1):

Milking Sean William Scott’s prostate on a road trip to the local sperm bank

On the “Road Trip” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 1):
— ChabDog wonders whether there are in fact any “push it forward” kind of guys, and Stan answers affirmatively
— Cures for insomnia … a Jaguars game in London or any Pac-12 Friday night special
— Goodell’s NFL project for European expansion apparently include Germany, France and …. Russia?
— The crackhouse (no Krakow) Chargers
— Beware of attorney’s things like personal seat licenses
— $8 for cotton candy (where does it stop?) (it looks substantial until it evaporates) (speaking of evaporation, what happened to the Patriots’ perfect season)
— Getting on the Astros’ case for leaving so many men on base
— C’mon Breggy light my fire (that’s what he did with the bat carrying stunt, which opened up new doors for the Nats)
— And when I listen to Morrison’s “People Are Strange”, I naturally think of Greinke.
— The Road Warrior World Series … never happened before and probably never will happen since …
— Who folds faster when the chips are down? The Dodgers or their fidgety fans?
— a foray into college football, includes our bemoaning the plight of the twerpy Terp QB
— too bad Va Tech let sketchy Notre Dame and its guide Book off the hook
— going out on a limb for the Golden Gophers when they collide with Penn St.
— trying to understand by air power has nothing to do with winning the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy
— pep talk from Purdue Drew helps Boilers scald the Huskers
— somehow passing over the Ravens’ pass rush
— trying to understand how inept coaches keep getting free tickets on the pro football coaching carousel
— Who said Lamar Jackson’s no Tom Brady! Well that genius is correct, … he’s a very capable runner
— Caruso’s latest cocktail sounds pretty toxic
— Milking Sean William Scott’s prostate on a road trip to the local sperm bank
— “Stop! … okay, keep doing it!” “That was awesome.”
— When fighting off a climax is like fighting a great white shark.
— Counting the ways one of our esteemed panel has ADD
— Eric commits an unpardonable sin going with Washington and their Haskins-case QB to cover the spread
— I should’ve known Vrabel’s Titans were no able
— It’s definitely a bear market for those wager on the Bears/there’s nothing true about Trubisky (the Polish joke is on management who picked this guy before Mahomes)
— Ber’s famous last words (if I’d only listened) … “Don’t trust Cousins in a big game away from home”
— Making excuses for Baker
— Heads up … the Jets and their giant-headed Darnold are dead meat in the Dolphin tank
— And Marc recommends a nose job for the Chosen One … so he can see clearly now when the rain is gone
— Jimmy makes baby talk with interviewer Erin
— Our taxi-cabbie, Taurus commentator stubbornly refuses to see the Steelers sending Indy to the glue factory … to his detriment
— Frank abstains from calling in due to shame over the Gang Green/Aqua Marine conflict taking center state.

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