NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 11-3-19:

NFL Update:
— Action Jackson rams some Raven humble pie down Tommy Boy’s throat, and the Patriots’ fraudulent pretensions of perfection harmlessly evaporate. The best defense of all time, or even in the NFL this year? Not so fast. Looked like there were plenty of holes in that barrier of Belichick Boogeymen. #Ravens #Patriots
— Steelers keep rolling along with another solid outing from Mason, as well as the defensive cloak provided by speedy Minkah. And who would’ve bet that last year’s goat, Bowell, would’ve outplayed the normally reliable — but now short in foot/long-in-the-tooth Adam Vinatieri. #Colts #Steelers
— Brandon Allen to the rescue in Denver, as the Bronco attack looked a little more lively without Sacko, and the defense rose up on queue when mouthy Mayfield needed a talking to. #Browns #Broncos
— Chargers looked wired and completely tuned in, harassing Rodgers, whose teammates looked like they had just gotten done with frontal lobotomies. Time for the Pack to head home for some R&R … they looked like they needed more daylight savings time. #Packers #Chargers
— Bucs showed up to do battle in the Pacific Northwest, but couldn’t shake the Seahawks and were outta luck when Wilson made his customary stretch run move to daylight. Let Seattle hang around and you definitely play with fire. #Buccaneers #Seahawks
— Good coaching makes a difference, and that’s self-evident in Gruden’s impact on the Raiders. The Lions are no pushover, but Oakland was good enough with the pass, run and on defense to get things done when they needed to today. Carr is having an excellent year, Renfrow has emerged as a reliable passing option and Jacobs is a horse you can ride to victory. #Raiders #Lions
— Eagles don’t exactly look regal, but they sure have sufficient pedigree to outclass the “we can’t pass” Bears. #Bears #Eagles
— Religious fervor is running amok in Charlotte, as Christian continues to walk on water from the line of scrimmage, and Allen does just enough to keep things humming smoothly. #Titans #Panthers
— Miami’s now Fitz-to-be tied in the Tua sweepstakes as Ryan the bearded blunderer leads them to victory over the completely dysfunctional Jets. #Jets #Dolphins
— Great game in KC goes the way of the Chiefs, who get another Moore-than-serviceable game from Matt and have surprising success on the ground (what’s up with that supposedly tough Viking defense). And another sad chapter in the road woes for twinkle toes Kurt Cousins. #Vikings #Chiefs
— Bills have no problem snatching up low-hanging fruit in Orchard Park in the form of the rotten Redskins. #Redskins #Bills
— Trying to make a favorable impression in jolly old England, Deshaun and the Texans have no time to waste playing games with Jax. #Texans #Jaguars


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