Trump burning bright orange in mississippi at never-ending, up-all-night pep rally (highlights below):

Trump’s at it again … looking like he could talk all night at a pep rally in Mississippi … he’s burning an orange glow … this is definitely past Uncle Joe’s bedtime…. pumped up with maximum pomposity after a record stock market close and the bagging of bad bad Bagdaddy.

HIghlights below…

— now he’s saying the environment is “perfect”

— he flails his hands and wishes best luck to Beto..

–this is really Trump uncensored… Trump at his most caustic…

— outlining the Hunter Biden “payoff”

–Touting “Tate” and throwing “Hood” in the glove compartment
— Calling Brian Kemp a “terrific gentleman”
— And Cindy Hyde-Smith comes out of hiding
— Biden is getting roasted in the Deep South State something awful…I think Biden has to respond with a morning Joe address (he doesn’t stay up late enough)
–On to Anderson Cooper and “Fredo” Cuomo…
— “Beto quit like a dog” … hey Donald, who says dogs quit?
— Plenty of mountain men in this audience…
— Trump sounding like Christian Zell from “Marathon Man” calling everyone weak.
— The dog’s name is “Conan”, and he’s coming to the WH
— A new nickname “Nervous Nancy”
–“Permanent” cease fire in Syria … permanent?
— Wall to wall wall … in all the right areas…
— Thanking the Mexican President for “keeping people out”
–No sanction for sanctuary cities
— a new insult .. being “mentally violent”….


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