On the “Where’s Rudy?” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 2):

Listen in for the feminine side of Mahky Marc Caruso…lol

On the “Where’s Rudy?” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 2):
— Rodney Dangerfield does his best impersonation of Fernando Rodney
— Zohan’s got a dred-fully good Israeli accent (sounds like every Hebrew school teach I ever had)
— We’re tickled pink … no gold and black … to have my fellow Steeler supporter JR Glymph back (How’s the 2nd biggest Tom Brady fan doing? I don’t know, … when I see him I’ll ask him”); you’d do well to hear this guy analyze what it takes to make Pittsburgh’s defense hold up.
— The above discussion was so good, we even had Caruso engrossed for a few minutes …
— Going undercover to sniff out what’s so rosy in Panther land
— Words of advice to any injured star … “Don’t get Wally Pipped”
— The news on Mohammed Sanu to England, New
— Josh Gordon’s on the way out, apparently …
— Why Kemba could rekindle excitement in Boston, in the wake of Kyree ,,, the dribbling black hole
— The short list of guys 6 ft. and under who can carry a team … we provide “The Answer”
— NBA practice = shoot around
— Find out who’s really filling out in Philadelphia
— Our conversation is rudely interrupted by an Unsteady Eddy “Doink” off the uprights
— Another edition of “When Marc met Willie”
— Real Housewives of South Boston reminds of one of our co-hosts … with a dress (these girls would give aspirin a headache) (it’s got everything, including Marky Mark’s cousin; “Sharon’s telling the story of when she took a Manny Ramirez homer … to the uterus”; “you are going down … flush”; “I was in the yard … being me.. I looked good…” “you can find it at Jackie’s Packie … next to the gas station set on fire…” “Spankees!”)
— Who said, “When I throw’em back in … I throw the fishing rod in there after them” (maybe you need to use some different bait)
— No Maahk … Bronx is different than Queens
— Some Mookie/Mets memories (this is why I hate listening to Vin Scully)
— Poor Buckner … he couldn’t bend down to backhand, and knew he’d have to race back to first since Steamer wasn’t covering
— And don’t forget Jackie Smith (“Bless his heart, he must be the sickest man in the world”), “Wrong Way” Jim Marshall and “Bonehead” Fred Merkle “I forgot to touch second” Merkle
— Tipping our hat to Andre Tippett
— Check out our enticing podcast gear at Godefylife.com
— Question for the panel — Would you rather be Bryce or go to the World Series?
— Someone gets cut off when he tries to Stump for Trump
— Trick question … what song is our closing song “Some Girls” off of

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