NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Monday, 10-28-19:

Pittsburgh’s Watt lights up the night at Heinz … search, strip and destroy

NFL Update:

Steelers save face by bucking up after a horrid first quarter, and overcome a 2 TD deficit with relative ease. There were plenty of terrific individual performances to go around on both sides of the ball. On offense, Rudolph recovered to do an excellent job distributing the ball to JuJu and Diontae, and Connor was tough and effective, including a memorable scoring rumble in the 3rd, which put the Steelers in front. As for the defense, the line play was inspiring, with TJ Watt causing major mayhem and “Slam” Heyward doing his very convincing Butkus impersonation, while our Fitzpatrick was getting the best of theirs with a couple of sparkling interceptions. With the Ravens getting fed to the Patriots next week, the division title, not to mention the wildcard, is again within reach. #Dolphins #Steelers


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