On the “Where’s Rudy” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 1):

Frankie Midnight’s just right with his horsey rendition of a creepy Collinsworth

On the “Where’s Rudy” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 1):
— Frankie Midnight’s right on time to give us our money’s worth … and then some … of Chris Collinsworth (forgive him if he sounds a little like a horse)
— We discuss various repelling match ups … including the doosey of them all… Shaggy’s Jets vs. the Jalen-less Jags
— Don’t dddd don’t draft QBs from SC…
— Hold it close my tiny Panthers? … fat chance against the nifty Niners
— A word about Big Ed’s son, Christian (and we’re not talking about Big Ed Walsh)
— Faker Mayfield’s Cleveland Clowns … the latest patsy for the Hatetriots
— Recapping the wildly entertaining Vikings-Skins tussle (I’d rather have my knee caps broken with a baseball bat)
— Let’s give a little hand to Kirk Cousins for his latest exploits (oh wait, he already has plenty small hands)
— Shame on Notre Dame for being more afraid of the rain than my nephew’s hot dog Leo
— Time to bad mouth the Badgers for coming up with squadoosh against the Buckeyes
— Reliving Kansas’ incredible homecoming Christmas gift in late October (thank you Red Raiders for the charitable and unsolicited lateral) (shades of Leon Letting go of the ball)
— Misfit magic … Rutgers handles Liberator Medical at home (who’s on the schedule for next week .. Oral Roberts?)
— Illinois’ making a serious run to climb out of the lower rung
— The sun never sets on the Big Ten empire
— Accounting for the UT network
— Frank explains the beginnings of Beevo (branding the bovine mascot after a 13-0 loss in 1910 A&M)
— John Y. Brown’s legislative mandate requiring UK to play Louisville in b-ball (talk about mixing religion and politics)
— Nebraska officially has Frost-bite after losing at home to lowly Indiana
— Get your coasters ready for the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party
— Ohio State looks to be on a collision course with the BCS, but the same can’t be said for OU
— Gophers in the conference championship? Go figure. Our analysis is crudely interrupted by a Patriots’ pusher.
— We almost get lulled into discussing Pac 12
— Placing a location on Ralph from Belleville,… but where’s Rudy the attorney, not to mention Rudy the rabbit
— Caruso fantasizes about his battle with the Karate Cab Dispatcher
— NFL Scheduling for Dummies (our short course)
— Why Josh Gordon got re-acquianted with IR
— The pipeline of Rutgerians moving from New Jersey to New England
— Marc tries to hitch his bandwagon to the Buffalo All-Americans, but forgets those guys hit a pothole
— Previewing Marc and Frank’s excellent cross country adventure
— Some overblown bluster for Bluto’s Lions
— Most of us correctly foresee Tampa’s seizure in TN
— On a weird and prescient lark, ChabDog chooses to go with the Chargers in Chicago
— Wimpy Seahawks do push ups in Atlanta … all they needed was one more point
— Who talked me into going with Buffalo over the Beagles and Carolina to be in good stead against the spread? There’s an APB out for your arrest, Maaahk/Eric
— Eric takes a fatal dumpster dive taking Arizona against the spread, but has delusions of dominance
— Feeling it for Frisco
— Side note … Andy Reid’s real fat, but 4.5 points is fair given no Mahomes



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