NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-27-19:

Bad day for Chicago when it relies on the nervous foot of unsteady Eddy …

NFL Update:

— Maybe it’s time to put a call in to jilted Cody Parkey and sit unsteady Eddy Pineiro on the pine. If you are a plodding, defensively oriented team like the Bears, you had better be sporting a reliable, capable kicker. Chicago screws up another makeable field goal and gives it up at home to the desperate Chargers. #Chargers #Bears
— Routine rout for Seahawks in Atlanta’s nest, as Falcons are no-shows in the first half, then circle back to hover (ruining the cover). #Seahawks #Falcons
— Cooper’s cup runneth over in London, as Goff had enough time to have a tea, survey the scene and deliver accurate passes on a rope. Rams’ d-line has 5 sacks, plenty other hurries and keep Dalton as frantic as a laboratory rat. #Bengals #Rams
— Philly uses its geographical name specialists, including Miles, Dallas, Jordan and Boston to help bring the over-hyped Bills down to earth. Yes, despite some outlandish rumors to the contrary, the Eagles aren’t that bad and the Bills are definitely not that good. #Eagles #Bills
— The NFL fed NY’s unassuming Giants to Lions this week, and Stafford/Detroit was eternally grateful. #Giants #Lions
— Carolina gets its clock cleaned in Santa Clara, even though McCaffrey does his thing. With Jimmy G. throwing free and easy and a big day for Tevin Coleman, SF was off to the races. #Panthers #FortyNiners
— Vindication for Vinatieri, as Indy squeezes by dull Denver in the waning moments; Adam is not the kicker he once was, but proves he still has much to offer in the clutch. #Broncos #Colts
— Another winnable game for TB falls incomplete and into the loss column, as chronically careless Winston floats too many hope offerings up for grabs, in addition to falling victim to a costly strip search. And let’s give Trashyhill credit for being a very obedient game manager and putting his team in position to win with its physical, aggressive defense. #Buccaneers #Titans
— Browns pee in their pants coming out of the gate, and after that soiling it’s all downhill for them on NE soil. Patriots go to 8-0. #Browns #Patriots
— Shaggy Darnold looked nearly just as spooked this week as last, making three more big mistakes in the Jets’ miserable loss to Minshew and his jovial Jags. Gang green continues to look anything but mean and is definitely without fangs. #Jets #Jaguars
— Thumbs up for the Saints, who continue to shut down their opponents and now have their meal ticket back and serving up TDs. Along with the Niners, this team looks like the odds on favorite to come out of the NFC and represent all of the known world (outside of New England) in facing off against the Hatetriots. #Cardinals #Saints
— Raiders sink below .500 by blinking in a disastrous 4th quarter. Deshaun puts on a show when it counted most, while Carr stalled. #Raiders #Texans
— KC just can’t keep up with some typically magical stuff by Rodgers, as well as the Packers’ Jones, who was burning the Chiefs’ fundamentally unsound LBs all night. Even if Mahomes comes back, this defense just can’t cut the mustard. #Packers #Chiefs


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