MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-27-19:

Silent Cal replaced by Obtrusive Donald, though meek Nat bats don’t follow suit…

MLB Update:

Instead of Silent Cal, today’s White House attendee was Obtrusive Donald, who definitely created more of a ruckus than did the empty swings of the Nationals’ hitters. The only good news for Washington after their thorough thrashing in Game 5 is that they probably won’t have to face Gerrit Cole again; the Houston ace’s heavy fastball was dancing, his off speed stuff was dropping in for strikes, and he was getting help he didn’t need from the home plate ump. The end result is another decisive win for Houston, and a commanding 3-2 in the series. Martinez is now relegated to praying for Strasburg to pitch the game of his life, and to find a masseuse who can work out the serious kinks in Max’s neck. #Astros #Nationals


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