NCAAF Top 25 Update, Recap and Perspectives, Saturday, 10-26-19 (plus a Misfit Conference update you won’t want to miss):


NCAAF Top 25 Update (plus a Misfit Conference update you won’t want to miss):

— KU treats its long suffering, loyal fans to a big treat, when their nervous kicker makes good on a gift-from-god second chance to win the homecoming game with his feet. Seems that Texas Wreck decided to “out-misfit” KU by, incredibly, blocking Liam’s kick (was anybody blocking that guy, Les?) and then letting lose with a seemingly unsolicited fumble, that “I’m no klutz” Logan Klusman recovered on the opposition 15. When the Liam-Logan-Les show was complete, the Jayhawks, yes the Jayhawks, walked the walk with a precious Big 12 win. NICE!!!! #Jayhawks #RedRaiders
— Rutgers enslaves Liberty by somehow dropping 44 on them; word has it the Flames were quite uncomfortable as their Liberator Medical catheters weren’t attached correctly just prior to game time. #ScarletKnights #Flames
— Purdue’s season looks Pur-done as they get left for dead at West Lafayette by the ferocious Fighting Illini … we’d be lying if we told you they had anything to be scared about, wouldn’t we? #Boilermakers #FightingIllini
— The ever wimpy Nebraska defense makes Peyton Ramsey look like Peyton Manning, and Indiana stomps the Huskers in Lincoln Memorial. Speaking of Memorial, it’s time to kill the Scott Frost experiment. This is going absolutely nowhere. Losing to Indiana at home? Are you serious? #Cornhuskers #Boilermakers
— Stanley was the right tool for Iowa to use in wrenching a somewhat ugly win away from Northworstern. #Hawkeyes #Wildcats
— The disaster area that was UCLA football just got cleaned up a bit, with the Bruins’ 6 TD, winning effort against the overrated Sun Devils. A trip to the Rose Bowl? Strange, but yet, completely possible. #SunDevils #Bruins
— Golden Domers endure a 3 hour Golden Shower at the Big House. Looks like Jimmy Harbaugh is dressing up as Mr. Happy for Halloween after that display of very impressive “wet work”. In terms of play calling, you can’t do much worse that what we saw from Brian Kelly. #FightingIrish #Wolverines
— Eagles cited for illegal squatting, and later found as lifeless, carcass road kill in Death Valley, South Carolina. #Tigers #GoldenEagles
— Obviously, it doesn’t matter who plays QB for No. 1 Alabama; Tide pride tasers the very dull Razorbacks. #CrimsonTide #Razorbacks
Wide miss for Wis at The Horseshoe. When will they wake up, smell the coffee and get a QB to go with their talented running back and big Badger o-line? Meanwhile, OSU looks every bit the Big Dog in the Big 10, with their impenetrable defense, and Fields-Dobbins in total control. #Badgers #Buckeyes
— Lincoln logs his first loss in the Big 12, as Skylar toys with the Sooners. Looks like you can kiss the BCS goodbye in Norman, absent some serious help. #Sooners #Wildcats
Spartan times for fans at Mich St., what with another sobering and demoralizing Big 10 beat down. Penn St. has little difficulty imposing its will. #NittanyLions #Spartans
— In this battle of M’s, only one was macho and that was the wine and gold Gophers, who pushed around the twerpy Terps with alarming ease. #Terrapins #Gophers
— Longhorns get worn down to the nub by the deft touch of Duggan, and end up thoroughly flogged by the Horned Frogs in Ft. Worth. #Longhorns #HornedFrogs
–So much for the Top 25 status of the overblown Cyclones, who had bad aim today at Ames. #Cowboys #Cyclones
–The final score didn’t tell the fully story as it was abundantly clear today that Bo and his Bama Bengals didn’t know how to handle Super Joe Burrow. #Tigers #Tigers


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