NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Friday, 10-25-19:

Hey, what happened to that Zeller feller?

NBA Update:

— Towns really does to town down low, on a night when Charlotte missed the Zeller feller. #Timberwolves #Hornets
— Nugget of wisdom for Denver — if the guy in the other team’s jersey is shooting a desperation heave from half court … don’t foul him… Nugs find a way to survive by one in OT
— Kyree apparently feels quite at home as a Brooklyn Net, turning the offense on just in time in the fourth quarter, avoid his team from getting upset by, god forbid, the eternally sick Knicks. #Knicks #Nets
— Storm warnings go unheeded in OKC, as Wizards pay no mind to the depleted Thunder. Paul looks less than thrilled by his new surroundings, going for single digits on horrid shooting. #Wizards #Thunder
— New look Celtics grind out a tough win over defending champs, despite shooting a pretty miserable 38%. Brown and Tatum team to provide excellent leadership, along with a big contribution from Kemba in a 4th quarter turnaround. #Raptors #Celtics


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