Games to watch in Week 9, College Football:

The see-saw season continues for Harbaugh … here’s Jimmy!

— Badgers attempt to wipe the egg offa their faces at THE OSU (Don’t count on it!)
— Auburn strolls into Death Valley to tangle with the Tigers (this should be good … real good)
— Stodgy Iowa slogs it out in the muck up at Northworstern (don’t be surprised if the Wildcats drag the Hawkeyes down to their “level” … it won’t take much)
— Penn St. goes dancing up in Michigan with the Spartans (Lions only favored by 4 for a reason … this game is almost always a semi-barn burner)
— Tex messes with TCU (where’s Tony Franklin and Russell Erxleben?)
— ND invades the Big House and puts the Wolverines and horribly moaning Harbaugh out of their ever loving misery.


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