NBA Update, Recap and Perspectives, Thursday, 10-24-19:

Sharp-edged Clipps Cut Through Pacific Coast Pacifist Warriors With Ease

NBA Update:

— Warriors look more like Pacific coast pacifists as they get their doors blown off in the home opener by Kawhi’s sharp edged Clippers. It’s only one game, but GSW looks like it is still reeling from the Toronto take down, and sorely misses the leadership of Durant and Splash Brother No. 2. #Clippers #Warriors
— Bucks wake up with wild 4th quarter finish to unplug the Rockets from their energy sockets in the round of Houston’s noble experiment with Boss Ball Hogg Harden and Russell Athletic; indeed, the Beard looked a bit lost and out of sorts, going a very messy 2 for 13. #Bucks #Rockets
— Young Trae shows the Hawks the way in Atlanta’s opener at Little Caesar’s, serving up trays, upon trays of specialty threes. #Hawks #Pistons


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