On the “Working Double Time on the Seduction Line” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 2):

On the “Working Double Time on the Seduction Line” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 2):

— Going back in time to party with two wild and crazy guys (and we’re not talking about Igor and Lev) (“Don’t worry chicks, it’s easy to score with us … we’re hard up” “FOXX GALLERY … AH HA HA HA”)
— Paulie needs an ultrasound on his balls, but finds plenty of money to pay for it in the dishwasher
— More taxi cab digressions (“I’m gonna take Joe’s head and knock you the @#$@# out with it”) (“Come down here and say that to me … and take your dentures out first”)
— It’s tough when you’re so tough you can’t find anyone to fight … for 15 seconds
— Based on what just happened in ‘Ol Mexico, El Chapo has more firepower than El Chapman (nice body armor and fully automatic weapons)
— Charlie M lives
— Watching Matt Ryan get sacked by the scrotum … ouch!
— We’re informed the Patriots’ linebackers are named the bogeymen
— Who’s good besides NE (it’s a pretty quick discussion)
— Much ado about Damian Harris (another toy for Brady)
— It’s catching on faster than implants … dog imprints
— “The Wrath of Grape Ape” … Maahk’s loading up the Lincoln and coming to CA
— Reminiscing about Steve and Cindy Garvey
— ChabDog wisely chastises the odds makers for showing the Giants 3 points of respect.
— 17 points? That’s way too much for buffaloes to digest.
— Getting worked up about particularly egregious hands to the face calls leads some of us to take a detour with Detroit
— A majority of our distinguished panel foresees that Tannehill is the man of the week in Tennessee
— Eric doesn’t like the 1/2 point in the Seattle-Baltimore spread
— First hand account of how Steve Young hangs out with amazon blondes
— Chicago’s defense has definitely lost its bully pulpit
— Crying crocodile tears for the Yankees
— Tattoo pulls out all the stops to save his job as Mr. Rourke’s early warning system
— If you listen closely, you can hear one delightful dachshund knocking on Heaven’s door .. and getting in

RIP Dear Pedro

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