On the “Working Double Time on the Seduction Line” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 1):

On the “Working Double Time on the Seduction Line” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 1):
— Tall tales about the heroic exploits of Little Big Man Altuve, who, to the delight of the Houston homies, clocked the 9th inning offering of closer Chapman off of the Schlumberger sign in left; time to dismiss Francesa’s fringe player theory forever
— Tank shares a live post-game interview with a disgruntled Yankee fan
— Analyzing Aroldis’ Eddie Murphy-style, my team just didn’t win grin as he watch the walkoff go into orbit
— All about religious capitalist extraordinaire Joel Olesteen, who reached the Summit of real estate ownership in Big H.
— Chabbad telethons don’t include room for Jerry’s Kids
— Poor Jimmy Harbaugh … forever burning timeouts and chasing futile challenges
— Why they probably won’t be playing Hail to the Victors in Ann Arbor next week.
— Who wants to man the helm at Michigan? Is the smart money on Kirby Smart? How about Bobby Petrino? Barry Switzer?
— Is Howard Schnellenberger still alive and kicking? Don’t count on Alexa providing the answer… we review his qualifications, including career travels and destinations.
— How about the new customer service rep at Stop ‘N Shop… a googly eyed robot name “Marty”; the latest take on Rags from “Sleeper”.
— Looks like the mafia skim is in when it comes to retail in New Jersey
— We’re at a loss for words after witnessing Wisconsin’s mess up at U of I
— Taking aim at Minnesota unblemished record … earned on the backs of the less than worthy competition in the Big 10 West.
— News flash: KU may be contemplating a departure from the Misfit Conference.
— Watching a PAC-12 football game … much like being locked in solitary confinement with an insurance salesman for 3 days
— Big Ben to meet Tommy John
— Reckless speculation about what’s been cooked up for Tommy boy in the Kraft Lab as part of the eat-to-win TB-12 diet.
— Frank falls victim to the perils of middle-age multi-tasking and gets disconnected Nelson Rockefeller style.
— The hook is in for Dan Quinn
— Well-read can’t seem to fully grasp Fleming’s explanation of the 3-pt courtesy penalty for home teams
— Chargers and Lions continue to mess up Frank’s lines
— Tenn is building a bonfire to the vanities on the back of Ryan Trashyhill
— Cry Me a Rivers needs to take responsibility for his own failed completions … no more stomping feet and bad-body language tantrums.
— Headline from last week in South Beach … instead of going for two, the Dolphins went for Tua! Yes, the Skins snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.
— Eric presciently places his faith in Miami against an out-of-control spread.
— Why oh why did some of us trust those Lion eyes?
— Yes, we stay out in front to the Green Bay wipe out of Chokeland.
— Musing with Maahk over the precious thing that is a dog day afternoon threesome
— Lessons from Allen on how to casually pick up something of value in an art gallery (What are you doing Saturday night? Committing suicide. What about Friday night?
— After 65 minutes of Patriot-free discourse, the course of conversation somehow ends up with New England
— and now for some bumper music and the break

A robot named Marty with an uncanny resemblance to actor Feldman…



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