NFL Update, Recap and Perspectives, Sunday, 10-20-19:

NFL Update:

— Another brutal bad beat for the snake-bitten Chargers, who can’t figure out how to punch the ball in from the 1. Why they didn’t try to get this done through the air is a profound mystery, other than the coach’s apparent determination to break the plane with overwhelming force and boots on the ground; unfortunately that plan was muddled by Melvin and played right into the hands of the tough Titans from Tennessee. #Titans #Chargers
— Cowboys looked fresh and focused, playing up to their full potential on prime time in a thorough tar and feathering of the erratic Eagles. Philly hasn’t looked right for quite a while, and if they don’t get their act together, they’ll certainly be left out of the party come playoff time. #Eagles #Cowboys
— Bears are still at .500, but there’s dark storm clouds on the horizon, as their defense can no longer be counted on to keep them in the game and as for the offense, Trubisky is no true solution and the running game is nowhere to be found. The result is a second half capitulation to the Saints at Soldier Field. #Saints #Bears
— Action Jackson gives his critics something to chew on, by chewing up rushing yards and doing a fine job chewing up the clock; meanwhile, the Ravens’ aggressive defense provides a clinic on how to keep Russell Wilson under wraps. #Ravens #Seahawks
— Skins slug it out gamely with the favored Forty Niners, but in the end have only rotten goose eggs on the scoreboard to show for their efforts. #FortyNiners #Redskins
— They’re not flashy, but the industrious, first place Colts are building something really impressive in Indy. #Texans #Colts
Barkley’s back, but no matter; Cards set the tone early, as Giants can’t chase down Chase, and Kyler was mostly on fire. #Cardinals #Giants
— Old Raiders show up for first half in GB, which means spotty execution on both sides of the ball and plenty of bonehead penalties; that’s most definitely a recipe for disaster at Lambeau. #Raiders #Packers
— Now that Minnesota seems to have some offense to go with its excellent D, the Vikings are liking what they see … particularly as regard most of what they see in the NFC Norris. #Vikings #Lions
— Jax plays it close to the vest in the Bengals’ nest, but that’s wise strategy when your facing irresponsible and lax Andy Dalton. #Jaguars #Bengals
— Buffalo didn’t roll over Miami by any means, but the Dolphins come through it okay thanks to some costly giveaways and special teams play that was especially sloppy; sweepstakes ticked for Tua still looks moderately safe. #Dolphins #Bills
— Seems not-so-mighty Quinn is losing his grip on the coaching situation in steamy Atlanta. #Falcons #Rams


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