Five Thursdays from Thanksgiving Thursday, a real turkey thinks his “deal” with Turkey should be lauded as a “great day for civilization”…

Turnkey solution in Turkey?

Definitely, shades of Chamberlain and “peace in our time”. And does he know that his tough love love letter (written with the grammatical precision of a 3rd grader) was thrown summarily in the trash can by Erdogan. The Presidential pestilence was topped off later on by Trumpkin’s flippant and callous campaign rally comments in Texas to “just let them fight” and to commence with “cleansing” the area in question; Marie Antoinette, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

FF87D8 NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN /n(1869-1940). English statesman. Prime Minister Chamberlain, upon his return to England on September 30, 1938, holding aloft the Munich agreement bearing his own and Adolf Hitler’s signatures.

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