MLB Update, Recap and Perspectives, Tuesday, 10-15-19:

Nationals were jumping for joy, while Cardinals couldn’t even get off the ground to enjoy the bird feeder …

MLB Update:

Hats off to the Nats, who are now within one more series victory of completing one of the most stunning turnarounds in MLB history. This is a testament to clubhouse chemistry, which this team has in spades. As for the Cards, they came up completely flat and listless/dead men walking for literally the entire four game set … which stands out as quite an exception in the rich, storied history of playoff competition for this franchise. #Cardinals #Nationals
Hey Yankees, it’s time for you and your unruly fans to get your act together. Throw those fans out if they dare to throw things onto the field. This is the House That Ruth Built, for god’s sake. #Yankees #Astros


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