On the “Smorgasbord Sunday” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 2):

On the “Smorgasbord Sunday” edition of ChabDog Sports Talk (Part 2):

— Treat yourself to 4 minutes of a sinfully satisfying Casino rant from Little Nicky (and we don’t mean the Alabama coach) (“Did you gamble?” “Charlie M? “You make me pop your eye out of your @#$@#$ing head to protect that piece of @#$#@$?” “We know what you do Charlie, you @#$# people out of money and get away with it” “You get my money, or I’ll put your brain to sleep” “You better get your own @#$#$ing army pal” “Get this through your head you Jew @#$#$@#$# … You’re warned don’t ever go over my head again, you #$#$@$ you” “Take this one and stick it up your sister’s ass”
— A discussion about the psuedo major of LV
— How Oakland has successfully stripped itself of pro sports franchises, which are moving to the land of strippers
— Risk management considerations weighing heavily on the minds of an owner putting an NFL team in adult Disneyland (what happens when stars go out on the Strip to make it rain)
— Sounds like the stuff that great sports movies are made out of
— Every player needs his post-game balance … Jamie explains that Vegas has a lot of white space
— Insights on the NBA in China and the dangers of being ethnocentric
— What kind of government does it take to rule over 1 billion + people?
— The benefits of pointing the thump up, before you point the finger and certain universal truths (from the Golden Rule to the lessons of Marcus Aurelius)
— The hullabaloo that ensued when Ellen was seen breaking bread with Bush Jr. at a Dallas game
— Leadership brings responsibility, in terms of what you say, and often more importantly, what you do (e.g. catching that ball over the middle when you know you’ll get popped)
— As the inter-connected world turns … Iceland matters … and not just because of the beautiful women
— We’re reassured knowing that content is king.
— Remembering Cal’s QB Joe Roth, the 1951 Dons and the great American jockey, Isaac Murphy
— Mr. Wilson knows how to handle himself on and off the football field
— A Burfict segway
— Tight end word association (sorry Eric, no wide receivers) … Gronk (“incredible” or a “building with legs”) Dave Casper (“the standard”, the “ghost”) Mark Bavaro (“strong silent type”) John Mackey (“the pinnacle”) (no ChabDog, not Kellen Winslow) Billy Joe Dupree (by land, by air and by sea)
— And which Tight End has the tightest pants (Jason Witten, without a doubt)
— Jamie likes talking about his position when he’s out with the guys … wonder why
— A parting message .. sports is the great unifier/transcends the dialogue/establishes commonality
— Coming to your emotional rescue on a crazy football Sunday


Mr. Wilson … A winner on and off the field ….



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