On the “Smorgasbord Sunday” CDST show (Part 1):

On the “Smorgasbord Sunday” CDST show (Part 1):

— Please excuse the Freudian slip reference to Joe Walsh (it was my Rocky Mountain high)
— You can indeedy have a wonderful menu of Big 10 football, even without The OSU
— For whatever reason, yours truly is not so dead set against the Yankees
— A cheerful prayer for Big Red W Nationalism
— Dave Roberts should be dead man biting his finger nails … but is anything going to change in Dodgertown? What to make of passing over Maeda? And thanks for telegraphing to the world your late inning, extended curtain call for Kershaw.
— Of Kershaw tees with tire marks/ how a Cy Young regular season whiz turns into Paul Seawald.
— Lions cause some real trouble in Iowa City.
— Would somebody please teach Illinois how to punt?
— Frank circles Notre Dame’s trip into Ann Arbor as a key test for Mich, but ChabDog see them paying dearly for their pervasive attention deficit disorder when they visit Happy Valley.
— It’s nice to have a guest on like Jamie Williams, who has the right to talk about Super Bowl rings because he earned one.
— The Davenport, IA, Nebraska University, Niner connection
— Running through those with a trace of Roger Craig’s distinctive high kicking action … we review the short list and consider the magnitude of his existing HoF snub
— Finding commonalities between Coach Osborne and Coach Walsh (certainly cerebral in their holistic approaches, and heavy on teaching and lessons in leadership)
— And at the other end of the spectrum .. we have Jerry Glanville (any tickets for Elvis?)
— We enter the House of Pain, courtesy of NFL Films
— Comparing the deliveries of Moon, Montana and Young from a recipient’s perspective
— Frank takes us back to ultra cool Joe’s “Hey there’s John Candy” sighting before leading his team 93 yards to burn the Bengals in SB XVI
— What it’s like to be told in the huddle by Isotoner Dan, “Jamie, if you’re open, you’re getting the ball.”
— If the Skins and Fins had played in the late game today, would we have been “Waiting all day for Sunday Night?”
— Tank leads a rendition of “Tanking for Tua”
— Why players like coaches with true personality
— Travels with Jerry to the Indiana grave site of James Dean
— Jamie’s decision to break the dreadlock code (“They would look really good on you maaaan”)
— The power of stereotypes/recounting the shocked look on little Nicky Saban’s face when Williams took off his helmet before a Cleveland game, causing the dog pound to demand “Drug test him!”
— Playing in the NFL and going to night school for your masters is no simple feat
— Some of the themes underpinning the blueprint for “Any Given Sunday” (see how the QB position would change/what do you get when you combine Warren and Randall and evaluating the effect of head trauma before the onset of the CTE scare)
— Why the marriage between TV and Football is so big (a gridiron game was playing at the 1939 World’s Fair)



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