On the “Smorgasbord Sunday” CDST show (Part 1):

Frank takes us back to ultra cool Joe’s “Hey there’s John Candy” sighting before leading his team 93 yards to burn the Bengals in SB XVI

On the “Smorgasbord Sunday” CDST show (Part 1):

— Please excuse the Freudian slip reference to Joe Walsh (it was my Rocky Mountain high)
— You can indeedy have a wonderful menu of Big 10 football, even without The OSU
— For whatever reason, yours truly is not so dead set against the Yankees
— A cheerful prayer for Big Red W Nationalism
— Dave Roberts should be dead man biting his finger nails … but is anything going to change in Dodgertown? What to make of passing over Maeda? And thanks for telegraphing to the world your late inning, extended curtain call for Kershaw.
— Of Kershaw tees with tire marks/ how a Cy Young regular season whiz turns into Paul Seawald.
— Lions cause some real trouble in Iowa City.
— Would somebody please teach Illinois how to punt?
— Frank circles Notre Dame’s trip into Ann Arbor as a key test for Mich, but ChabDog see them paying dearly for their pervasive attention deficit disorder when they visit Happy Valley.
— It’s nice to have a guest on like Jamie Williams, who has the right to talk about Super Bowl rings because he earned one.
— The Davenport, IA, Nebraska University, Niner connection
— Running through those with a trace of Roger Craig’s distinctive high kicking action … we review the short list and consider the magnitude of his existing HoF snub
— Finding commonalities between Coach Osborne and Coach Walsh (certainly cerebral in their holistic approaches, and heavy on teaching and lessons in leadership)
— And at the other end of the spectrum .. we have Jerry Glanville (any tickets for Elvis?)
— We enter the House of Pain, courtesy of NFL Films
— Comparing the deliveries of Moon, Montana and Young from a recipient’s perspective
— Frank takes us back to ultra cool Joe’s “Hey there’s John Candy” sighting before leading his team 93 yards to burn the Bengals in SB XVI
— What it’s like to be told in the huddle by Isotoner Dan, “Jamie, if you’re open, you’re getting the ball.”
— If the Skins and Fins had played in the late game today, would we have been “Waiting all day for Sunday Night?”
— Tank leads a rendition of “Tanking for Tua”
— Why players like coaches with true personality
— Travels with Jerry to the Indiana grave site of James Dean
— Jamie’s decision to break the dreadlock code (“They would look really good on you maaaan”)
— The power of stereotypes/recounting the shocked look on little Nicky Saban’s face when Williams took off his helmet before a Cleveland game, causing the dog pound to demand “Drug test him!”
— Playing in the NFL and going to night school for your masters is no simple feat
— Some of the themes underpinning the blueprint for “Any Given Sunday” (see how the QB position would change/what do you get when you combine Warren and Randall and evaluating the effect of head trauma before the onset of the CTE scare)
— Why the marriage between TV and Football is so big (a gridiron game was playing at the 1939 World’s Fair)


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